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  1. I didn’t get any messages. I kept checking my status on e ikamet site and then one day they provided me the tracking code. After that, I tracked the delivery and was able to get it.
  2. Previous it said “Distribution not at Address”. Now it says “Given to Distributor”. Should I go to ptt or wait at home ?
  3. I wasn't home today and I got this on ptt "Distribution Not at Address/Closed-News Paper Left". I guess it means I will have to go to ptt office and get the card.
  4. I checked the e ikamet website on Wednesday 24-11-21 for my status and it said that "Your application is concluded positively. Your residence permit document is at the printing stage". Then I checked again and it didn't show that anymore. So I called 157 and they said your application is concluded positively but we don't know anything about the card because it hasn't printed yet. So waiting for the card now. I submitted the docs on 12-11-21 and got the positive result message on 24-11-21. I guess the card will come today 26-11-21.
  5. Hello. I wanted to ask that how much time it takes to get the decision and short term residence card after submission of docs on appointment date. I submitted the docs on 12th of Nov in Pendik, Istanbul and whenever I check my status on e ikamet website, it says something like the evaluation process of your application hasn't started yet. After the process begins, you can check your status. Regards, Junaid
  6. Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I will certainly ask any questions if they come up as I am still in start of process. What is the average time to get the news whether you got the acceptance or rejection when you apply in Istanbul now a days ? 2-2.5 months ?
  7. Hello, I will apply for short term residence permit in one week. I have checked your guide regarding the documents needed for applying but I need some clarification about each step as it is my first time. I hope I am not too annoying asking some simple questions. My friend who's place I will be staying at will get a taahhütname tomorrow. Should I get the taahhütname stamped from the notary or the rent agreement be stamped from notary and it will be separate document ? Can I apply for health insurance online or I have to go to any office of the companies specified ? As I read on forum, the immigration offices in Istanbul aren't taking appointments. Is it still the same ? So that when I will get the appointment date, I will have to send all the required documents through PPT. Will the translation of passport be done at notary as well ? This is a dumb question but passport is in required documents. Will I send the passport as well in the documents ? Also if I do, if any police or any govt related officers asked for my passport during the waiting time after application, will I show them something ? I am a freelance designer. So during form filling procedure online, should I just put freelancer in occupation ? A bit confused about this step as well.
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