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  1. Update: I have just received an email from my company saying that my work permit was approved yesterday, but it still says "under assessment" on the ministry website because they didn't pay the fees yet. Once the fees are paid, the application will be approved on the system and I can start working immediately (I don't have to wait for the card). They applied on 14th of January and the application was approved on 27th of January (total of 13 calendar days or 10 business days).
  2. Update: I applied for a residency permit in İzmit/Kocaeli on 3rd of October 2020, I got an appointment on 23rd of October and received a message from PTT that my card was printed and mailed to my address on 7th of December. So the whole process took 45 days (from the appointment date). It takes much longer in more crowded provinces like Istanbul.
  3. My company has submitted all the work permit requirements on 14th of January 2021 (domestic application), how long does it usually take the ministry to approve my application and send the card to the company?
  4. Thank you Ken, I called 157 and they said the same, I will go there again & hopefully they will fix it this time!
  5. I was in Turkey in 2018 and got my short term residency, but my name was written wrong (I wrote my name correctly on the application but they wrote it wrong on the system), I had to leave Turkey couple of months later. I came back to Turkey this year and applied for a new short term residency on 23rd of October (I didn't get my card yet), on the appointment day, I was given a temporary residency permit paper that has my old name and I was told that I will get the same ID number with the same name, just like the old application, I explained to them many times that this is a new application
  6. Thank you so much for your reply, hopefully I will hear from "il göç idaresi" and get my card soon!
  7. I was in Turkey back in 2018, I got my residence permit in 50 days from Izmit-Kocaeli (from appointment day until I received the card). I came back to Turkey in September 2020 and applied for a new short term residency permit. I did my interview on 23rd of October and now I'm still waiting for the RP, how long does would it take me to get the card ? I need to hear from someone who applied during the pandemic for short term residency in Izmit. I have checked the status for my application but it always says : "Kayıt durumunuz : It is under Assessment". "il göç idaresi" has moved to another
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