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  1. Hi everyone, I am located in Russia and don’t know the local Turkish prices and legal fees . I need an English speaking lawyer based in Antalya to get me a copy of a court order . I was told my this lawyer that I found online that it would cost 250 euro and 1 business day for him to do so . Is it too expensive? I need to check if I’m being scammed or not by a Turkish bf who says that he is in jail over an unpaid debt . Smh fml
  2. Hi, This has nothing to do with free internet calls and free phone connection. I know this person in real life . Hence, I am trying to learn can a person be in jail for an unpaid dept in Antalya .
  3. Hello everyone, I need some advice . I’m having a strong feeling that I’m being scammed . So, my Turkish bf came up with the info that he owes the local bank 1500 euro over some insurance and the money he withdrew from bank . And he says that he will be jailed soon . I’m not familiar with local Turkish law. His family just confirmed to me that he got picked up by police and jailed. This sound weird ! No court dates, no nothings ! Is it a scam ???
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