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    Chloee reacted to Ken Grubb in Address change in residence permit renewal   
    It seems to me that you should be able to continue using a hotel as your address. A hotel room is a legally registered address in Turkey's central address system. So you should be able to renew your residence permit with your hotel room as your address. There is no restriction concerning how long a foreigner can stay in a hotel and use it as their address.
    To use a hotel as your address, you need a stamped and signed, or digitally signed, letter from the hotel management, using their hotel letterhead, which says your dates of stay, the address of the hotel, and your room number.
    If you don't have an ending date of stay that should be okay too. When you go to your appointment, if there is any problem or the immigration specialist wants more information, they will tell you and give you time to get whatever document they want. Then you can bring it back to the immigration specialist (no appointment required).
    I would also encourage you to call 157 (from any telephone in Turkey) to ask this same question.
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    Chloee reacted to Ken Grubb in Suggestions Needed for a Property Purchase in Turkey   
    I don't know if I can be of much help, but I'll try.
    1. Unfortunately there's no central database you can use to find properties to buy. Each real estate agent has their own properties to sell. The commission is six percent if they sell it, three percent paid by the seller and three percent by the buyer, so if they sell another agent's property, the two agents split the commission. Probably the best place to look for property is sahibinden.com and hurriyetemlak.com, but you already know about these.
    2. You can use one of our members who is a real estate agent in Istanbul, his name is Justin M. You can use his contact form or contact him through his profile. He's American, so he speaks English.
    3. You would have to line up some properties to see and determine how long the trip will be. Contact Justin and he can probably help you, perhaps he'd be willing to help you not only with the properties his company sells, but also property from other companies. Maybe between the two of you you can figure out which properties you want to see and plan accordingly.
    4. I don't know if Justin speaks Turkish, but even if you go with another real estate company they can arrange for someone to translate for you.
    5. You might narrow your search down by doing some research on the various areas of Istanbul, or coordinate with a real estate agent to find out what section of town would be best for you. Other than that, you'll just need to narrow the scope of your search.
    6. Typically the real estate agent will have a lawyer for you, but you have to keep in mind that they work for the real estate agent and not you. The only lawyer I recommend is Mr. Ender Keleş, he is our community lawyer, and he volunteers his time to answer questions. He's in Izmir, but he can probably recommend someone in Istanbul for you. You can reach him using his contact form or his profile.
    7. That's a six percent return. Maybe Istanbul is different, but the rate of return in Turkey on a rental property is maybe half that. That doesn't mean you won't make more in Istanbul, though. Do some searching on the "rent to value" ration in Turkey for rental properties to find out for sure.
    8. You could ask the real estate agent about that. Sometimes they also do property management, but if they don't, they'll know someone that does. Regarding their services, you would have to get that information from the property management company.
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    Chloee reacted to Ken Grubb in What Documents Do I Need to Apply for a Turkey Residence Permit as a Property Owner?   
    I just noticed that I failed to reply to this topic. The money you have to live on, whether from income or savings, must be at least the Turkish minimum wage. The Turkish minimum wage for 2021 is in the article I linked to above.
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    Chloee reacted to Ken Grubb in Update Address for Residence Permit and Query for Deposit   
    You need to get a signed and stamped letter from the hotel, using their letterhead, stating that you live there and what room you're in. The immigration specialist will uprate your address in the central address system (it includes hotel rooms).
    Actually you got off easy just losing the deposit. The contract is actually in force for a full year and technically you would have to pay for the full year. The deposit is supposed to cover damages. The landlord could theoretically sue for the entire one year payment but courts normally award two or three months to cover their loss of rent income while the apartment is empty. But landlords seldom do this.
    I'm not a lawyer, that's based on conversations I've had with lawyers. So unfortunately I don't think you'll be getting your deposit back since you broke the contract, and you would have no legal basis to get it back.
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    Chloee reacted to Ken Grubb in Turkey Online Residence Permit Application System Changes   
    Well it's not bad news at least.
    My take on this is that they're updating their system to be more user-friendly. And someone has changed the automatic message to be more easily understood.
    So when you checked your residence permit status before, it had the old automatic message, and now that you've checked it again, it has the new automatic message.
    I think it's nothing to be concerned about. It was just an update to the system.
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    Chloee got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Wrong Name in Turkey Residence Permit Application   
    Yes!!! Thanks very much.
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    Chloee reacted to Ken Grubb in Telephone Number on my Turkey Rental Contract is Wrong   
    If it's correct on your residence permit application, that's what matters. I don't think the number on the rental contract will matter. If they have to send you an SMS, they'll use the number they have in the immigration office's records.
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    Chloee got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Wrong Name in Turkey Residence Permit Application   
    I called to 157 2 times to query. One told me that I need to use the misspelled name,because there is no interview. The other told me that if everything on my application form is correct, I will be fine.
    At first when I went to a agency to do my application,and the system gave an alert message. They told me that my mom’s name is incorrect. But they did it again,and they keyed all names with dash between,it worked out.
     I am so confused. 
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    Chloee reacted to Ken Grubb in Wrong Name in Turkey Residence Permit Application   
    A confusing situation indeed! But you have to go with what the immigration officers tell you, they're the best source of information about residence permits.
    Hopefully you'll have no problems and your application will be approved.
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    Chloee reacted to Ken Grubb in Wrong Name in Turkey Residence Permit Application   
    OK that's good news. From what I was told by an immigration officer, if there are any mistakes entered into the system, they can correct them during the appointment or at the immigration office. In any case it's not a cause for rejection.
    Thanks for the feedback, and good luck to you with your application!
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    Chloee reacted to Ken Grubb in Wrong Name in Turkey Residence Permit Application   
    When you apply online, you can either use the correctly-spelled name or the incorrectly-spelled one, I don't think it makes any difference. If the system accepts the correctly-spelled one, then you should be okay. If it doesn't, then use the incorrectly-spelled one. If the system won't take one or the other then it will give you an alert message when you try to submit the page. Then you can change it to the other spelling of the name.
    As long as you're able to complete the application process and download your completed Residence Permit Registration Form, you'll be okay.
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