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  1. Thanks for your help.Always The owner of the hotel said that he will sign a lease contract with me, which means I rent a room from him.But should I sign one year contract if I want to extend my RP for a year? Is it ok if I sign a three month contract but apply for extending a year? If I move to another place now, should I update my address in immigration office before I renew my RP?? I know national holidays starting next week, so will it be risky to do so?? sorry for annoying questions and thanks for your patience again
  2. Merhaba I have updated my registered address to a hotel where I stayed in May, and my residence permit is valid in the middle of August. Can I use the address of the hotel to apply for my residence permit renewal? If so what documents should I need from hotel?? thanks first
  3. Thanks so much for your apply You are right. I broke the contract but I got off easy just losing my deposit. Tekrar çok teşekkürler!
  4. I signed a one-year lease contract last September, but I moved out of the apartment last Thursday. Now I stay in a hotel. I have 2 questions: What documents should I need to send to the immigration office to update my address? The contract said that if I move out before the contract ends, I will not get my deposit back. That’s why my ex landlord refused to refund my deposit. Is there nothing I can do about it?
  5. I just read your mail and digest the huge amount of information you kindly provided. Is the most important thing that... If I can provide the bank account with "SUFFICIENT" saving for my expenditure here,and I will be evaluated individually by the officer, even though there is only 150 USD "interest" income my bank account activities in last 6 months?? Thanks so much again for your patience to review and to provid me these information.
  6. What documents do I need to apply for a property residence permit? I googled related topic and was told that I need a bank account to demonstrate USD 500 income monthly. Is it true?
  7. Why Does the Turkey Residence Permit Application System Change from “Under Assessment“ to ”Application Registration in Process“? My application for residence permit is shown “It is under Assessment “on January 4, but it changes to “Application Registration in Process” today. Is there anyone the same? Is it normal? How do I know my application is approved or not ? I got no messages... Does anyone know what happened?
  8. Yes thanks so much for your attentiveness.. I come to feedback what is going on my E-application now. I was told I will be noticed at least 2 months by an immigration officer first,but I got messages yesterday!! Yes, it is less than 2 weeks. I think it is probably because the district migration office I made my application for doesn’t have many cases. But once again,because of the virus,there is no appointments for interviews.The only thing we can do is to fill out our application forms correctly. Wish you all are lucky too
  9. Is it possible to get the message for more than 2 months after completing application on line in Istanbul? If we don’t have any messages, what will happen if we have to leave the country then?
  10. Yes! I think you are right. I am very grateful for your kindness Thanks again....
  11. Sorry for asking about computer problem.Please ignore it,and focus on the the topic.
  12. I changed my phone number after I got my house renting contract. Should I renew my contract because of the different telephone number?
  13. I went to the İmmigration again yesterday,and they told me that I only can change my mom’s name with certificates of birth. The other way is when I get my RP.But at the same time,he told me because my mom’s name is different from the system, so I can’t get my RP. The other guy told me that It is a better way to use the misspelled name to apply for RP. My RP given in 2014 didn’t show my mom’s name on it,so I never know my mom’s name is misspelled. I did my application yesterday,but the Images code on computer didn’t come out,Although I finished my application,but I didn’t print it out. can I print it out again? Is anyone having the same problem?
  14. I called to 157 2 times to query. One told me that I need to use the misspelled name,because there is no interview. The other told me that if everything on my application form is correct, I will be fine. At first when I went to a agency to do my application,and the system gave an alert message. They told me that my mom’s name is incorrect. But they did it again,and they keyed all names with dash between,it worked out. I am so confused.
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