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  1. Hmmm so it means when I now pay taxes for me and family (around 2000tl) and they don’t give me residence permit, I don’t get back my money ?
  2. Hello it’s time that I pay fees, my appointment is in Friday I want make online. but I want know, what in case that RP not approved? I can take back my money, or is no returning money?
  3. I called 157, and they say keep trying because system refresh every day ... I try 100 times nothing, and I change language to Turkish and come date So I choose 23.10... we will see what will happens, hope it will be positive
  4. Hmmm... I don’t have option to print, just to make appointment date...
  5. I have smartphone but I didn’t get this link or bar code like Ken ... just come sms B*********** numarali Pasaport icin HES KODUNUZ: Xxxx - yy- Zz "18.09.2021 10:03" tarihine kadar gecerlidir. B001 and another same sms but different kod I don’t know why 2 times.. when I go to Goc Idaresi I just show to this man at door this sms and that’s it.. Same situation I had when I go to Notary.. just show sms..
  6. Hello, i just finish online application for RP, and at the end problem I’m in Antalya/Muratpaşa so must choose Antalya goc idaresi for appointment and here give automatically date and I make okay but come no date available.. Someone had same problem? What should I do?
  7. Just to give info... it’s not error with system.. I tried change language to Turkish also not go. So, must change device Where I open application.. I was trying from telephone and tablet, not going but from computer is ok.. or change Safari, Chrome... I fill everything in application now just need to choose date of appointment:)
  8. Hello, i have problem with online application.. when I put about health insurance and go next come some error.. Someone know what should I do?
  9. Thanks a lot for answers. I made taahhutname (it’s 77 TL) and health insurance... now I’m making online application..
  10. Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. It's clear to me now, today I go with friend (Male,not Married) to notary. And I Just want to ask for health insurance, does it have to be done right away or can I wait until the interview?
  11. I’m just collecting documents which I need and there write Adress document, so that will be this taahhutname or? So Now I need go to notary with my friend, and nufus and DGMM is after I get permit? sorry for my stupid question, I just don’t know how this everything going :(
  12. Hello, I’m new in Antalya and just want to start process for get resident permit. Friend rent a flat on his name and I’m staying at him. So, where I must go to take adress document (adress bilgisi) ? thanks a lot for answers
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