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  1. Hmmm interesting.. I made on this Site without problem https://randevu.nvi.gov.tr/ I used computer.. It was 24.2..
  2. Hello Frist time I go without randevu and they didn’t let me come inside, so I made online and go. First I had problem with HES, because I made with my passport, and here appointment making with Kimlik number so it’s not going, after I change HES and it was ok..
  3. Hello im so sooo tired but I’m think I finished all... It was like this, i go to Nufus (must have randevu), and change 3-4 desks at the end they say my flat not existing. It’s not No6 it can only be no4. Then I call owner of flat he say yes it’s No4 he wrong write in contract but this women don’t want accept and send me to Muratpasa Belediyesi. There ask me for Tapu, then again call owner to send me and and and at the end they give me one paper where wrote new number of flat. With that paper again back to Nufus. 1-2-3 desk no one know English or another language, just turskish . aft
  4. Morning I was in Ic goc idaresi and there is some problem I didn’t good understand... immigration officer say that I can’t change adress and give me this paper .. What should I do now? Have someone same situation?
  5. Hello i hope everyone doing well ... I changed a flat, so where I must go to change adress? Nufus or Ic goc idaresi? What I should take with me? I have only rent paper, still not change bills at my name ..
  6. No, no i didn’t mail documents... i bring it to ic goc idaresi... But was only at information desk to give, they nothing ask me. Just checked is everything ok with documents and that’s it. Thanks a lot for help in this all process to get RP
  7. Hello just update Antalya appointment date 23.10.2020 ptt sms 09.12.2020 Resident permit come: 15.12.2020
  8. Which “status” have foreigners about this quarantine times? When I get short term resident permit, I’m still tourist or not? Because I’m my passport days are finish, I’m more then 3 months in Antalya, so when I show to Police my passport I become Problem or not?
  9. Morning have maybe someone news about how long must wait for resident? I’m still waiting my appointment was 23.10 Antalya. In system always same msg It’s under Assessment, I called 157 they say must wait and in max 90 days will something come
  10. If I bring my car to Turkey, (I heard that now can stay with my plates 2 years), who can drive my car? My family, it means my husband, my mom. Is that true? But what if I'm outside of Turkey? Can they still can drive, or must the car be put in a garage?
  11. Yes yes Adresse it’s on taahhuname.. Halen .......(adres)...... adresimde misafirim olarak bulunan...... (name, pasaport Numbers) Türkiye’de kaldığı süre boyunca barınma, yeme, içme, sağlık, and and and and ... then name and everything from my friend ... i hope I will not too long wait for my resident permit:)
  12. Hello everyone just to make little update. Yesterday I had appointment (Antalya, Muratpaşa) Documents which don’t need: - rent contract notarized or copy, nothing just Taahhuname - Birth certificate, just for son (international birth certificate without apostille) BUT need, not for me but for my friend (I stay in his home) - Criminal record (Adli sicil kaydi) - nvi nüfus kayit örneği belgesi ( don’t know in English) - Foto copy ID (kimlik fotokopisi) I give everything and they say go home and wait.. they give me only this paper without stamp
  13. Hmmm so it means when I now pay taxes for me and family (around 2000tl) and they don’t give me residence permit, I don’t get back my money ?
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