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  1. Thank you for your responses. Here is my whole story. I had been denied boarding in London Gatwick by EasyJet who maintained that my Residence Permit Application Form (Ikamet Izni Muracaat Belgesi) was not a valid substitute for a visa, despite it being explicitly described as such in English on the form. After visiting EasyJet customer service they acknowledged that they were wrong and changed my booking to their next flight to Izmir, 3 days later and after my 15 day grace period had expired. I went ahead and purchased a new e-visa. Based on my bad experiences the previous time,
  2. Redders This is my first application made while holding a e-visa. Does that change my situation?
  3. I have my temporary residence permit application receipt on A4 paper which states I can leave Turkey for up to 15 days. I had to leave Turkey for family reasons and due to the incompetence of the airline I used to get back to Turkey, my time outside Turkey will exceed 15 days. I believe I need a new 90 day e-visa to re-enter Turkey. Is that true? Does this mean that my temporary residence application is now invalid? Do I have to restart the application process?
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