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  1. Thank you so much for your advice Eglegal. So to clarify, technically speaking at the moment as my siblings and I do not have a certificate of inheritance from Turkish courts (and they don't even know we exist) and our names are not on the Title Deeds, technically we do not 'own' the property at this stage? Is the process to transfer fully to our step-mother fairly easy and how quickly can this be done? Is this an expensive cost? I would like to start proceedings ASAP as I do not like being threatened with lawyers and court actions by the management company and it makes me very nervo
  2. Thanks, sorry what do you mean by 'But you can not to use the right before Transaction' The management company are saying the monies owed have not been received, and are threatening lawyer and court action. Is this even possible if they have no details of myself and siblings?
  3. Thank you Sabahattin. So if there is currently a payment outstanding on the property, my siblings and I are not responsible for this as the inheritance transaction has not taken place? My step-mother's name is already on the tapu. Regards
  4. I am trying to find out some information regarding the formal inheritance process in Turkey. I am a British citizen, who's father died in 2018. He jointly owned a property in Turkey (but lived in the UK) with equal shares with my step-mother - both of their names are still on the Tapu as she has not dealt with this with the government. He had no will when he died. My siblings and I are not interested in inheriting the property at all, but i wondered what the rules are. Do we by law have to inherit our share of the property or can we waiver our rights to this? Is inheritance automatic
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