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  1. No, you are right. I am talking about my family only. I, my spouse, my siblings and my mother. No unrelated person, all part of my immediate family.
  2. Thanks a lot Ken for responding to my questions. It definitely clears my doubts. And thanks for the clarification regarding permanent residency. Actually i chose the wrong word, PR. What I meant renewable resident visa, rather than PR which gets after 8 years. So as I understand, with one property purchase, there could be multiple owners (in the tapu) and each one of them could bring their children (less than 18 years) and disabled siblings / children (more than 18 years old), provided there exists a government issued certificate of their disability, which necessitates a dependency on others. Can this processing be done by myself or would I require a Turkish lawyer for the same. ?? And since you mentioned that everyone would be required to be present in Turkey to get everything done. In such a case, should i get a tourist visa for everyone and travel to turkey ? Would they issue tourist visa to disabled relatives, who technically can't enjoy tourism
  3. Thanks for responding. My notifications were turned off so I never saw this post until I came back to make another post. Few things have changed since I posted this. Now I have decided to physically settle in Turkey rather than staying in my country and doing anything remotely. But i won't be staying in Istanbul. I am planning to settle in Bursa. I would definitely appreciate your advise and guidance based on what you answered and the new information I am going to provide. These are my questions. I intend to first live on rent myself than to purchase a house for living. My initial purchase would be flats for renting them out. What would you advise, should i purchase flats in Bursa or Istanbul ? Moreover, since I would be living here, should I go with multiple smaller properties or fewer bigger ones ? I would be very happy if I could get an annual return of 6% with my rental income because this is much higher than what I could get in India. But my rental target is ~1100 USD / month or ~9500 TL / month (as per today's rate). What could be the approximate investment to get this amount of rent ?
  4. I have few questions for which I searched the other posts but couldn't get a definite answer. I request your time if you could answer my questions. This is pertaining to purchasing flats in Bursa for the purpose of acquiring resident permit. Is there a minimum amount of the flat to be purchased for purpose of acquiring resident permit. What if the overall budget is in the range of 176856 TL to 235808 TL ? Is it possible to get a joint ownership (3 people) on the property title deed (tapu) for both spouses and one parent of either of the two ? i.e., I, my spouse and my/his/her mother/father If yes, would it make all three to acquire permanent residency at the same time and in the same application (as joint owners) ? If yes, can the children of the couple (less than 18 years old) get PR on the basis of the PR of their family immediately or they need to first come to Turkey on tourist visa and later apply for PR ? If one of owners of the property has 2 disabled sons or 2 disabled siblings (both above 18), could they also get PR on the basis of PR of their mother or their brother/sister ? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  5. Hello everyone Hope you are doing well. This would be a long post and I thank in advance for all those who would read and respond. I am a 36 years old Muslim man, living in New Delhi, India. I can speak English and Urdu / Hindi. I intend to invest a sum of 450,000 TL in purchasing real estate in Turkey. My primary intention is to earn regular rental income rather than re-selling it at a higher cost. I am looking for 3, 1+1 flats of 150,000 TL each with a rental potential of ~800 per month, so that I could earn a rental income of ~2400 per month. A person who lives in Cannakle suggested me Cannakle but there were other people who informed that foreigners can’t purchase property in Cannakle. I am still verifying it from multiple sources. I read quite a few posts before creating mine and I found people here to be really helpful and giving detailed responses to the questions asked. Some of the suggestions found in the posts ditto applies even for someone intending to purchase property in New Delhi, India. E.g., 1. Never to purchase off-plan property as the builder will only take money and will never complete it. There are hundreds and thousands of such court cases stuck in Indian courts and respite is barely negligible. For Turkey, one should look for İSKAN BELGESİ (document) which is the main document depicting that this construction has been completed. 2. Always better to visit the area yourself and inquire from locals and get the real value of the property, rather than the advertised value from any agent. Just recently, an agent informed me about a property in New Delhi, and quoted me a price of ~200,000 USD (Conversion). When I visited the area and met a relative, who was also a local, I came to know that the maximum value of that property is not more than ~160,000 USD. That’s a whopping markup of 40,000, an increase of 25%. 3. Don’t come to Turkey by an agent backed tour because then the agent will only show those properties which he’s interested to sell at his price. Look for satılık sign board and inquire yourself. 4. Don’t take the services of a lawyer recommended by the property agent because then the lawyer would work in the favor of agent, rather than yours. 5. Look for properties near to a Metro station, as transportation is a real problem (especially in Istanbul). Ditto applies to New Delhi. Now these are my questions 1. What’s the procedure of finding a reliable property in Turkey? I mean I don’t know entire Delhi but being a resident I can easily tell you a very simple procedure of purchasing property in New Delhi, India. Is there any such procedure to look for? 2. If I take Istanbul as my investment destination, how exactly I proceed? I don’t know Turkish, I never visited Turkey and I don’t know anybody in Turkey to begin with. My source of information would be internet but how could I trust random strangers on internet who would send me offers? 3. If I decide to make a visit to Istanbul, how to decide the duration of that trip for the purpose of finalization of property? Moreover, other than knowing that Istanbul is divided into Asian and European side, I know nothing about Istanbul. How do I know that which are those areas where I can get the required property in my budget? (I already know that European side is costlier than Asian side) 4. How to talk to locals (for the purchase of property) when I don’t know Turkish? Do I need to learn Turkish first before coming to Turkey? 5. If someone’s going to suggest https://www.sahibinden.com/ or https://www.hurriyetemlak.com/ than I already did a random search for Sale of apartments in Istanbul (all) and got 1818 results on sahibinden.com and 44,851 results on hurriyetemlak.com for a maximum price of 150,000 TL. At least I came to know that properties on these sites are far cheaper than the ones offered by real estate agents to foreigners. Now, how to proceed with so many search results? 6. If I need to hire a real estate lawyer for availing all the legal services, how to go about it? I mean if I randomly search internet for real estate lawyers, I may get hundreds of advertisements, how to shortlist one? 7. Is it possible to get a rental income of ~2400 TL on an investment of 450,000 TL in Istanbul? I intend to purchase 3 flats because of more probability of a regular rental income and also because if I require to sell it later, my assumption is that it would be faster and easier to sell a 150,000 property than a 450,000 one. 8. Lastly, how to find property management agents who can manage the property on my behalf? Because I won’t be residing in Turkey anytime soon. Is it a common occurrence in Turkey that a tenant may illegally grab a property and stops paying rent? Would the property management agent take care of such situations? I know these are far too many questions to answer but I know someone somewhere might have gone through all these issues and he/she might be benevolent enough to devote time and share his/her experiences so I and many other people on this group or otherwise can get benefited. I really don’t want to get scammed of my life saving and just collecting all possible information before making a decision. Thanks again Khateeb
  6. Hello everyone Hope you are doing well. First, I would thank in advance for all those who would read and respond to my post. A brief about me. I am a 36 years old married Muslim male with two small daughters (elder one would reach school going age by next year). I am an Indian and currently work as an Assistant Professor in a central government (Public) university. For those who are American, it’s a tenure track position. I hold a doctorate in my field (organizational behavior) and currently teach Masters Students. Though the job I hold is one of the best jobs in India, both financially and socially but if you happen to keep track of world news, you might be aware of the prevailing situation of the atrocities against minorities in India, especially Muslims. Amidst this, I don’t foresee a bright future for my kids in India, due to which I intend to migrate before it gets very murky. I was very much interested for Canada but considering my age, my points are falling very short of the required points under their express entry program. Among all other countries (suiting my requirements), I found Turkey to be the only one giving nationality on an investment of 250,000 USD. Hence, I became interested in Turkey and now I intend to seek citizenship but before that I am researching on my acceptance (in Turkey) and the employment opportunities in my field (i.e., University teaching). (I mentioned my background because of two reasons, first, it might help someone to give me a more customized answer and 2nd, I invite people to even comment on my intention itself of migrating to Turkey, knowing that people are already living there) I would request someone to answer my questions or kindly give me the contacts of someone (maybe a University professor) who can. 1. Are you aware of acceptance of foreign faculty in Turkish universities to teach courses other than English language related courses (specifically MBA / Masters in Organizational Psychology / Organizational Behavior / Human Resource Management) 2. If yes, what’s their acceptance for a person whose qualification and experience is from a 3rd world country? (especially India) I am making this statement because previously I have applied in Gulf countries and know there exists a positive bias towards candidates having nationality, qualification and experience from Western countries (primarily, US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany etc.) 3. What’s the average salaries for University teachers? Is there a salary difference between Public and private universities? 4. Is knowing Turkish a job requirement, even for being recruited to teach those courses where medium of instruction is English? 5. Is there a law which restricts hiring of foreign nationals only to private universities? Thanks Khateeb
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