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About Me

Hi. I'm Nuri Anman. In 1997, after graduating from Çukurova University in Adana with a bachelor's degree in English, I asked God for a job in which I could speak English and help people. And God heard me.

After teaching English at a high school for a year, A NATO official offered me a job as a liaison officer at a NATO base in Turkey. I accepted the offer and began an exciting and rewarding 21-year career. Below are some of the aspects of my work.

Liaison Officer

I was a bridge between Turkish officials and NATO officials and personnel. I fostered new and better relations. And I educated NATO personnel, including high-ranking officials, about Turkish laws, culture, history, language, and local sensitivities.

Host-nation (Turkey) Subject Matter Expert and Advisor

I monitored the local situation and briefed NATO personnel about

  • political trends
  • demographics
  • national, regional, and local issues
  • crime trends
  • indigenous and transitional terrorism
  • changes in Turkish laws
  • decisions of the Turkish government and
  • events that might affect NATO personnel.


I was an interpreter when NATO officials met Turkish officials, for friendly introductions as well as complex conversations involving medical, legal, and law enforcement terminology.

I also did written translations for use in court hearings and other official proceedings.

Investigative Assistant

Sometimes there were crimes or serious incidents involving both NATO personnel and Turkish citizens, and both NATO and Turkish investigators would conduct joint investigations. I served as a coordinator during these investigations.

Security Specialist

When high-ranking NATO officials or foreign dignitaries came to meet Turkish officials, I coordinated not just the meetings, but also the security for the meetings.

What I'm Doing These Days

I retired in 2019. Later, Ken Grubb asked me to help the Turkey Central community and share my knowledge and experience. It seemed to me there was no better place to help people understand and appreciate Turkey. I'm at your service.

My mission is to provide you accurate information and useful advice, whether you're visiting Turkey as a traveler or you intend to live in or work in Turkey. I want to make your stay enjoyable and fun while you're in my country.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions about Turkey in our community forums. Search first to see if your question already has an answer. If it doesn't, feel free to open a new topic. I promise to answer your question to the best of my knowledge, or find the answer and provide it to you.

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