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  1. Thanks for kind response. I was told by the people who work in evlendirme dairesi, that I need to file a lawsuit with a lawyer, and even if my petition is accepted, it is not for changing my marriage certificate, but just to give me permission to use my maiden name privately, and I still need to change my ID , ect. As a foreign student living in Istanbul , I can't afford few thousands dollar only for getting permission to use my maiden name privately. I also consult with lawyers, they told me it needs few thousand dollars to file the petition, and so far two women won the case. I am infuriated , and I do not know what to do. I still did not make any changes to my any official records. Regards,
  2. Yes, we went to ask, and we were told that its not written wrong. Law requires it to take husband's surname after marriage. But I do not Wanna change my name.
  3. Hello, Please help me with this. I am an American citizen. I got married in Istanbul, but without my concent., violating my human rights, they gave me my husband's last name on marriage certification. I and my husband do not want to add his last name to mine, but how do we do that? FYI, both of us are not Turkish. After marriage, I did not change my official name anywhere, but I Am afraid it will be a problem when I am applying for my husband's US immigration visa. Please help me , I appreciate.
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