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  1. Thanks for the information Ken! Yes, I'm planning to settle in Turkey so I guess I'll need to pay taxes. Also I guess I need to establish a business, because on the long run I'll need to hire people to work with me. I'll start by myself at the beginning till I'll settle everything on the right path, then I'll do the hiring. I searched online how to create a company in Turkey, but information seem scarce and murky! I've emailed some of the services which presented themselves as facilitators or business creators but didn't receive any single answer! (Weird! I thought this is their business and should reply as soon as possible and get customers!) Also I read somewhere (sorry somehow I can't find the source) that I could be exempt from both corporate and personal taxation till 2023! My question now is how should I proceed to create my company in Turkey? How much will it cost me? Should I hire a lawyer and/or a CPA to do this for me? How much will they cost me? Is there any governmental online portal where I can just submit my papers and payments and they will take care of the rest? (some countries in the Middle East have this service such as Qatar and the UAE! You do everything online!)
  2. Hi everyone, I intend to move to Turkey to start a business. I do online business, basically I create websites either selling services or products online. These websites target the US mainly but they are worldwide oriented. So basically my work doesn't need employees, I can work by myself. And I don't even need an office, I can work from home. Can anybody advise me about the process of starting such a business in Turkey? How much will it cost me? What Turkish papers should I hold after launching the business (residence permit, work permit,...)? I've been warned of getting used or scammed even by lawyers, so how should I proceed? Thanks!
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