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  1. Greetings all! My grandfather left for Turkey around 1957-1960. He has since passed away, but I know he has at least two children (these would be my uncles). I would like to contact them, but so far my results have been 0. I can't even figure out IF there exists any sort of Turkish archive where I could find anything related to my grandfather, let alone his children. Searching the mainstream heritage sites gives 0 results. So far I've found exactly one (!) Turkish family with his surname, and they live near the border with Georgia, which makes it highly unlikely that they are the people I'm looking for, as my grandfather emigrated to Konya, and possibly moved to Izmir later on. I've tried finding a Turkish private investigator online, but it seems to be 100% scammers, trying to scam me out of 3000 euros for something that would cost €150-200 in Western Europe. My search is somewhat complicated by the fact that my grandfather had a Serbian Muslim surname, which was very likely to have been fully "Turkified" upon his arrival in Turkey. His surname "Ališani" could have been changed to Alişanı, Alişan, Alışan, Alışanı, and possibly even Alican. My personal best bet though is "Alişanı", but a bet is all it is. Regardless of how I search though, I can't find anything, except for said family near the Georgian border, and a bunch of Turks with "Alişan" as a first given name, not surname. Any advice on how to solve my quest would be greatly appreciated!
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