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  1. Okay, Thank you for your help
  2. Thank you for your comprehensive reply. I am so appreciated. So one more question please. For example if I buy a house here in Turkey or if I want to renew my resident permit and at that time my company in an inactive state, in which it owes a penalty for not filing (as my accountant said 6.972 TL for each month) so after 12 months period or more it would be quite a lot of money. so in this case, am I gonna be asked to pay or they would go over my personal assets like my house or my personal back account ? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have started a company a year ago and not doing any business activities at all. Now I'm thinking of closing the company. Since it is a Limited Company I think just will leave it without filing the monthly taxes and not paying any taxes at all "Just Neglect it completely". But my Accountant said that I would be legally asked to pay the company debits when doing any gov related activity or in the airport. Now, I just want to make sure if I Neglect the company, what are the legal consequences? and is it true that I will be asked as my accountant said? because I am confused now! as I know the Limited company is separated from the owners/directors and shareholders. Any advice is welcomed.
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