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    My interest are always measured by feelings. If it music, literature, nature, place, people or almost anything, it should make me feel. Emotiones are the ones who give the spell and the taste to life
  1. One of the tradition I took after coming in Turkey back home, it is to eat something sweet. I did learn that each morning, before starting to eat, take something sweet. The explanation is, it makes your life more beautiful, sweeter. It is a superstition, but I respect it... maybe even more because I love sweets
  2. What is my opinion?As long as women have been used not working because of their own parents, is coming as a tradition... women find natural to take care of their nest and let the men fight for the surviving. Those are traditional families. Also men prefer this status, because they are having more influence and power which is coming with the idea of providing to the family goods. Of course are many situation in which men can provide very little or none...but also the family is still keeping this status. Poorness many times increase men power in the family then decrease it. I would deny that you have a special situation in your family, which could explain why you are so disappointed and angry. In your case I would probably put some limits, which I also explain in the family.It is my opinion, but this doesn't mean I'm agree with many facts.Eva
  3. Hello to everyone :)I'm not married with a Turk so probably my opinion doesn't count so much.But as much as I had learnt about Muslim family, I could say that are big expectation from the one who is getting married a Muslim person. A family, a Muslim family, pretends everything: to be as their child... and a child always share all the problems with the family and is there to help them as his/her family. Even it can be in some moments some tests from the family for seeing if the new member would be loyal. With diplomacy and time you resolve more when you are in a Turkish family, then if you are tough.Also other problem is the culture itself. The adjust to the other is harder even being from the same culture, but being from the other makes harder and harder. So many misunderstanding creating it from simple words, looks, acts, etc.Eva
  4. If you want to talk about having power and enjoying it and have the people on your feet, look on this site. You would see each year shows which was made for Ceausescu with years ago. On that sports groud were thousand persons which were prepared with weeks ago to present the show in front of the president Ceausescu... In fact the same image you could had easily find it in other countries as wellhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wayi9HlVhgQSo, my question is where it stays the power of a person or a group of person to subjugate other ones? Fear, admiration, the circumstances, the ideology or only words...And returning to the Turkey... PKK is a separatist communist organization. My question is they know what means that? In real world? Communism as fascism as other forms of opression you should live it for understanding it.Eva
  5. I believe respect and understanding has a lot to do in mixed marriages. A long as both partners respect the other attitude, taste, the way of thinking; the religion choice should be also respected as well. From my point of view when is born a child, it is not so much the religion feeling that wakes up in both partners, but it is waking up more a desire of power over the child and the desire to influence. When both partners are having the same religion, this "fight for power" can be feel in other areas: the ways in treating the child, the way you feed the child and so on. We are all familiar with the situation in which one of the partner says: "My mother teach me like this and is the right way to do it!" and the other partner gets angry. But when both the partner are very much coming from different cultures, religion, this desire of making the child to be in touch with the father/mother background it is even more powerful. The ideal situation is in which both decide to let the child to get used with both religion and after that having a preference for one of them. Personally I know someone who was raise like this, son of a jewish father and a catholic mother. He choices none. It is not guarantee for it. I'm agree with TurkCell that the dicussion has to be before marriage, but I guess also the power of understanding the other and the respect has to do a lot with the decision after. If you do not give to uch importance to the religion, I guess will not make difference for you iuf the child will be Muslim, Christian, Hindus or Budish. In the end the child will decide for himself.Eva
  6. Hi Laura,I have a friend which sent a poscard to his family from Istanbul. He went back home after a week and they were not getting his postcard. After one month and half, his family recieved his postcard. Was an open postcard... so everyone could read it... but still problems... Yes, this is Turkey!Eva
  7. eva


    I hope Ben will not be angry with me because posting those photos.Those images I hope to make you forget mosquitos.Eva
  8. eva

    What Monument It Is?

    Thank you Ben! :)I think I make you some hard days with my photo.It's soo good to know what is it.Eva
  9. In my opinion, when you are going to live in a country as France and you want to become a citizer there, you should have to respect the law that is in that country. I agree sometimes it seems aberant or sometimes as outsider you just don't like it at all. But because you want to become part of a western country, is your choice if you stay or not.But when is coming about admitting Turkey in UE... I guess are more important issues to resolve or to discuss as the problem with PKK, or economical ones, then the one of head scarf. Eva
  10. A very good answer indeed.But I could not say that now somebody is the protector of North Korea. Russia has other interests right now and it is finished the communism for the moment there. North Korea, I guess is feeling very much alone.I hope the acts of terrorism in Turkey will not affect the Turkey tourist programmes. If tourist will stop going in Turkey, the PKK will win indirect. Because in the end what PKK wishes is attention and even more world attention. Eva
  11. eva

    What Monument It Is?

    Could be that is a house without importance? Or I did not post too many details. I'm wondering now. Eva
  12. Hi Sirin :)Well we just discuss the problem... it is no way a question to offend someone :)I'm not agree with wearing veils, but I'm very sensible to learn their point of views also and I was amazed to find out, it is not how I expected to be. Well the explanation is in religion. This is why women cover themself wanting to proof they are religious persons and that they listen the religious edicts, even if we can not say if Prophet Mohammed wanted to be so.Again I'm agree that Ataturk instruction will change in the time. The only hope is that the new instruction will bring Turkey closer of our world.Eva
  13. Hello again...Sirin for both 2 issues:1. It is right the Koran doesn't say specifical that women should wear veil... but imams are taking in count the fact that in Koran is said that women should show just the features that are made by the nature to be seen by the others. So from this point starts the discussion: some could say that the parts that would be naturaly seens are the eyes, lips, but not the hair; other are saying that all the face should not be seen (because the women is seductive because of this); others (few) are considering that hair, arms, eyes, lips are made by the nature to be seen. Like many others parts of Koran, things are very controversal. So, in the end imams are making the law in every islamic country. 2. Many women are considering the veil natural and as beauty thing. Yes, some are feeling safe with it, but are many that think it is a way to show that you are religious. The same idea is found in east european countries. Not all of them are finding the veil as a punishment, because the religious values versus ours are quit different. We can not jurge their values, culture or way of thinking with our measurements. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally against wearing the veil... but you can not oblige persons that are not agree with our ideas to change their traditons.It is not always about what we think. But I believe that Ataturk made a lot of good changes in Turkey and it would be the best for them not to fall down in the past with the veil issue.Eva
  14. The idea would be that: if Turkey accept to be wear veil in the school and university, it is the first step to the disolvation of the Ataturk norms. On my point of view will not be a steep foward, but in the back. Turkey it is split between "his religious brothers" which doesn't recognize it like because of the distinction adopted between religion and laws and wester countries which are not accepting because of different reasons as brother... But mybe that's why Turkey has so much charm, because it is always in a controversial dispute and because Turkey indeed is on two continents. Eva
  15. eva

    That's True?

    DaGler98 I could not resist to answer your question.Yes it is amazing that on one hand, turkish men are protecting their sister, mother, girlfriend as Ben said and didn't allow you as a man to get closer of them. On the other hand, if you are foreign girl - alone, you have many chances to be stop on the streets by turkish man putting all kind of question or inviting you out. Also, I have to admitt that their courage come from the fact that they were also encourage by foreign ladies. So in the end is nobody's fault, but one should take care. So, in this way I can explain the attitude of turks in the place where are you staying. I'm quit sure that they would not adopt such an attitude if you wer a turk lady... because they act in their community different, but toward us they adopt an attitude commun with our culture.I still think they are protective and traditional. Once you start a relationship with them and after going in a marriage, you realize they care very much at certian things: for exemple to tell them where are you going, with whom you meet, not wearing too short things, having their approval for everything, etc. Now, you would tell me that a lot of persons do that, I'm agree. But the difference is given by the level of understanding and freedom given by the turk partner. So this is the mixture between being protective, traditional. I'm not saying that all turks are the same. Exceptions are everywhere :) Eva
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