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  1. Is it possible to do this in Muhtarlik office? Or needs to be in nufus? I'll visit and bring my docs to inform them about my new address.
  2. Yes Ken, in my edevlet system under GOC idaresi section it indicates and correctly states my current residence. But when I type nufus, and it downloads a pdf account of yerlesim yeri it's still the old one. Anyway as long as it's not needed to personally update then it's not an issue I guess. But I might need this yerlesim document if I get a new bank account as a supporting document but I doubt that I'll need this document for now. Keep me posted. Thanks Ken.
  3. Hi Ken Turns out I opt to stay to my current registered apartment and not change. When I got my new residence card last August in Antalya, I checked in my edevlet and it is correctly updated with my adress. However when I typed in my edevlet, "yerlesim yeri belgesi" it still indicated a document from my previous residence in my old ikamet. As you mentioned, after we get our new residence card this year 2020, we don't need to register it to nufus or Muhtarlik right? Because the goc can do it for us. Just to clarify just in case I need this yerlesim belgesi when I apply for a ba
  4. Thanks for the reply. How about if I plan to stay with a friend? Should a letter from my friend indicating that I stay with him suffice? Again thanks for the advise.
  5. I got my residence card in Antalya last July valid till April 2021. I'm aware that the registered adress online is the one I submitted during my application. In the case when this winter season, I decide to change apartment, how does the process go? I assume this is a normal issue? What are the things I should take note of doing?
  6. Hi guys So I finished my application last July 24 Friday. Today July 29, I received SMS from PTT that the residence document has been sent to my address. Why is it so fast? Normally before I wait a month. Now only 2 working days? Does this mean positive that I will get my new card? Kayıt durumunuz : It has been delivered to PTT
  7. Hello Guys, I just finished my application with Antalya Goc Idaresi, paid the ikamet fee and gave me the Ikamet Izni Muracaat Belgesi. They say wait 1-3months for my residence card to arrive. In this case when they have accepted my application and gave me the Belgesi document, is it almost certain that I'll get my new residence card? Thanks for all the help guys!
  8. Thanks Ken I wonder if you know the Turkish translation of Notarized copy of an existing rental agreement so they can understand. Basically, the one who rented the apartment to me is here in antalya but the property is under her mom's name who is in Isparta. Perhaps she can come with me to Notary here and explain that we just need a "Notarized copy" of this agreement? Yes, before my ikamet expired last April, I called Afyon Goc Idaresi and 157 as well about the situation, they said since I am in Antalya and can't do my extension in Afyon because of lockdown, I can do a ne
  9. Right that's what I thought but my situation is this. - I have touristic residence valid till April 14, 2020 - I arrived from my travels in Europe last January 2020 in Antalya, but because of Covid I wasn't able to make it to Afyon for my extension application last April. I was stuck in antalya. - so i was advised to make a new residence application here in antalya but my appointment date is July 2. - so in the likely case of antalya idaresi probably denying my application, can I easily make a new application back to afyon then? I hope because of this covid thing th
  10. Hello ibrahim. That's a possible idea actually. I was thinking, I was already sorted out in Afyon (my official yeri address registered is there) and I just recently went to Antalya for summer season (but got stuck due to corona)....what if in this residence application I have in antalya this July, they will deny it? Basically I have 10 days to sort another application...shall I do it in afyon? Coz everything there is so quick and easy. I still have my official apartment yerlesim yeri address there and all I need to do is lodge a new application. What you guys think?
  11. Also turns out I might not be able to notarize my Kira sozlesme document because the owner of the house is in isparta and I think the notary office needs her presence for them to notarize it. In any case, will goc idaresi not accept rent agreement without notary? Is there any way to get through this? Thanks Ken for the advises.
  12. Thanks Ken for this comprehensive reply. This sheds light more to my current situation. Actually I went to Goc last April. And they said just to wait and come on my appointment this July and said there will be no CEZA or fine for this appointment delay because of covid (all randevus were moved 2 months late). I hope they will be more considerate for foreigners especially that this year has been hard due to covid.
  13. Thanks Ken for this comprehensive information. Here are some other details I would need some clarifications. Thing is, because of this covid thing I wasn't able to do my normal extension application in Afyon last April 2020 ( when my residence card expired). I was in Antalya when the Covid thing happened and I was advised to stay put and just do a new residence permit application (because anyway I got an apartment here). 1. Basically, I have been staying in and out of Afyon and Antalya (have both apartments) I got a rental agreement of my apartment that started October 2019 i
  14. I read from this forum that for foreigners registering your new address for residence permit will be done thru goc idaresi right? Coz when I went to Nufus they said for yabanci, they don't give the document and that I should go to Goc idaresi. Also previously goc advised either to get that konut belgesi document or have the rental agreement notarized.
  15. To start off, I have touristic residence permit valid till April 14 2020 issued in Afyon. But after I arrived from my vacation from Europe last January 2020, I was already starting to live in Antalya. Covid came, and I wasn't able to move intercity to Afyon to do my extension and I was stuck in Antalya, so I did a new residence permit application in Antalya scheduled July 2020. I was wondering if there are new requirements. I just wanted to prepare ahead of my appointment. I have rental agreement with my apartment here in Antalya, bank statement, application form. Is there any
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