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  1. Dear Mr. Eglegal, thank you very much! Please allow me to ask two more questions: 1) both their names are on the tapu - will this automatically be taken to mean that they both own 50% of the property or is anything else required? 2) Can you give an indication how much time the process to register the unit to the names of the successors will take and how much this will cost if we assume that there will not be any issues? And if the costs of this are higher than the proceeds of the sale for the heirs, is there a possibility for them to decline the inheritance so that the
  2. A Dutch lady owns a holiday apartment together with her British husband. Both names are on the Tapu. They are both residing in the Netherlands. While on vacation in Turkey last fall, he dies. He has 3 children from another marriage that are British citizens that reside in the UK. 1) He did not leave a will. How much of this property will the children inherit? 75% of the 50% he owned? 2) They all want to sell the apartment. If possible, they don't want to have to travel to Turkey. They are all in agreement, they have a Turkish buyer who lives in Turkey and they want to do it as inexpen
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