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  1. Hey there thanks for the response. My Turkish is ok for 80% of daily interactions but if was instructed to drop and do 50 push ups. All I would understand is 50. Which would be a challenge because Turkish people would not take kindly to people born in Turkey and not being able to speak the language. And if there's written or reading assignments, then that's going to be a problem. Did you recall your friend mentioning any missions/assignments where reading and writing were involved? Thanks.
  2. Hey there my name is Hakan from Melbourne, Australia. I was born in Turkey and raised in Australia. I don't have a citizenship or passport from Turkey but since I was born there I am eligible for one. Moving to Turkey from Australia has been on my mind a lot lately. About the 21 day military service after I pay the exemption fee. What's it like? How was your experience? If you haven't been has a friend of yours? Thanks for reading. - Hakan .
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