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  1. Thank you so much!!, and yes!! You are absolutely right!. I most wish him well and move on, and hopefully he won’t ever come around, he left me a bad after taste. thank you again appreciated.
  2. Hello all, glad I to find this website tos haré my experience, also hear some advice. Couple of month ago I meet a Turkish guy, he is very handsome and has a very nice career, at first I didn’t want to date him, because I had a kid from my previous 12 year relationship. I told him it was better if we stopped talking, because I didn’t think I was something he would be interested in, since my life is quite complicated, and he is so young, good looking and successful. He refused and insisted that my child was not a problem, and he was willing to date. We started being close and spending more time together (not with my kid), we talk everyday day, keep communication daily and just started to get close. One day we were FaceTime while my child was home, and they saw each other, he was polite and they had a little conversation. I never told my child who he was, or nothing, just “a friend”, after that we keep talking everything was normal, but all of the sudden one day, he took more than 6hrs to reply my text, when he did I reply with a very short answer “cool”, and that was it he disappeared! I had not hear from him in days, never texted me back or call nothing. I was very worry! Thinking something happened to him, and texted and called him, till I texted him one time he was “online” in WhatsApp and realized he ignored my text, he never opened it and ready it, which means he was fine, because he was using the application he just ignored my text. It was also beginning of Ramadan, so after a day passed I thought maybe he is getting distant due to Ramadan, but still haven’t hear from him. Is my first time dating after 12 years relationship also first time dating a Turkish Muslim man. Question: why you think is a reason for him to act like that? Like, just ignore me? And no text call nothing?, is this something Turkish, Muslim guys do often? You think Ramadan may be an issue? I don’t know, he seemed so humble and good, it’s hard for me to be lived he played me so bad. let me know what you all think thank you.
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