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  1. So that might be the reason I still didnt get an appointment date for my RP. I have applied on the 18th March but still didnt get any date either by SMS or e-mail. The current situation with COVID-19 is probably slowing down other administrations other than healthcare ones. Thank you for sharing this great information!
  2. Sorry Ken only saw your message now. Well i finished the whole application online and I got the Başvuru Formu but without the appointment date on it. I received my application number by SMS and when I go for the online platform of the RP I cant get an appointment date or even details for payment. I'm applying for a RP in Istanbul yes So i presume I will receive the appointment date by either SMS or my email that i provided over the application. I guess due to the COVID-19 situation right now the immigration office is delaying this process so I'm not worried as i applyed for the RP before my tourist visa expired. I still have 2 months on it. Thank you for all the info!
  3. Also using BIMCELL for a month and cant complain while using it in Istanbul. Normal coverage and the packages are really good for the price they ask for. Basically they are under Turk Telekom so the connections u get are pretty much the same and reasonable. You might have some disrupted signal while in the countryside away from the big cities but that would be almost the same problem for any other phone company. Buy a card with a TC card or Residence Permit in the BIM supermarket prepared for that, top up the card, activate the package you want and start using. Every month you just top up again to keep the package activated. You can do this in BIM supermarket or in their online website.
  4. Thats great info! So it means i wont have an appointment written on the document? Because currently theres none on it.
  5. Hey everyone! So i did my residence permit application without any problems and i got the final document with all details except an appointment date. When i check the process on the official website the following messages comes when i try to get an appointment date or when I try to get details for payment. Ödeme yapabilmeniz için bilgilerinizin Gelirler İdaresi Başkanlığına sistem tarafından gönderilmesi gerekmektedir. Bilgileriniz GIB'e gönderilirken bir hata oluştu. Daha sonra gönderim denenecektir. Daha sonra Ödeme sayfasından ödeme yapmayı deneyebilirsiniz. Do you guys now anything about this?
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