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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply...question about timing...how about how long to get interview?, and then after how long for decision?..With the CV situation we are unsure whether to go forward with the RP process or risk the possibility of a short overstay...concerned that later may prevent being able to return again without issue
  2. Applying today for my gf who is a Thai Citizen and is allowed 30 day visa free entry. I am US Citizen and have 90 days. She has 14 days left on her visa. We would both like to apply for the 1 year RP. A few questions in this regard. 1. After applying online, how long until granted an appointment? 2. Can appointments be made in any city in Turkey or have to be in Ankara? 3. We are renting an AIrbnb, month to month..would that be acceptable? 4. Can I provide financial documentation on her behalf if requested as Airbnb is under both our names? 5. We both have travel insurance..will that be adequate? It is a year policy but renewed monthly. Thank you for any advice. John
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