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  1. Thanks for the response, Ibrahim Abi. No, I do not have Turkish citizenship. I’m interested in knowing what the perception of single moms is in Istanbul, especially foreign single moms? In my post I provided a couple of examples of areas where my life might be affected because I’m a single mom, but I’m looking for information of a really general nature, not anything super specific to my situation. Does anyone know what the social perception of single moms (especially foreign single moms) in Istanbul is? I would appreciate any input thanks !
  2. I am recently divorced and have a one-year-old. I have lived in Turkey before, but always with my ex-husband's family. I am wondering if there is a stigma attached to being a single mother in Istanbul? For example, I am worried about having trouble finding an apartment to rent. I have some leads on jobs but am likewise concerned if it would be an issue for a potential employer that I am a single mother. I am also hesitant because I know from experience that I tend to stick out in Turkey (as a young blonde foreigner). I am wondering if this could become dangerous for myself or my daughter if I do not have a male companion present. I am planning to move to a city where I have no close friends or family. Her sey kendi kendime yapmaliyim, as it were. I have some reservations but am definitely excited for this new chapter in my life. I'd appreciate any insight on this.
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