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  1. It is so hard for me i cant imagine my life without him, because i know that we love each other, i think time will show us the right way, now because of corona virus we are so far away, then i will see. @Oncebitten is terrible to listen this. its so sad what you have. I would like to maybe write with you personal message if you want, we can write sometimes. I have more questions on you. its so hard to decide what to do. i woul be glad if we could talk messages, i wish you goodluck
  2. @Cukurbagli thank you so much for your comments. Yes, i think that also can be problem after wedding with different religion, i think he will push me and force me to become Muslim, he is very religious person (for him is first God and religion) he even doesnt want to live with me and kiss me more before marriage/ And of course christian guys are not doing this possesive things ( i had 3 boyfriends before him all christias and europeans). But i really love this turkish man, he is still praising me, very loveful man, educated and good- hearted, compasionate and sensitive. He really loves me a l
  3. @Meral aha, thank you, for this advice, yes im also thinking in this way. Do you think that it can maybe be worse after wedding ? I was thinking that all (mostly) turkish men are like that. IS it misunderstanding? I didnt hear many stories about this. Unfortunately. yes, we are young with my handsome fiance, but i think, that he realises that he is sometimes overreating, we are talking about this of course very appropriate, and i told him that i ont want to give uo my freedom, im european hristian woman, in my country girls have even more rights then men. They are like a flower and
  4. @Meral i was thinking about leaving him before, but then i started to think about marriage and got engaged. Sometimes yes, my fiance has similar behaviour, like typical Turkish man. Even i dont know other men there with different behaviour. Every man has the same behaviour, / i dont know why really?/there is no exception for me. I love so much my fiance but im european woman. my fiance is jealous and little possesive, but he told me, that he will never tell me something bad or hit me or something like this. Sometimes he is bad tempered and very nervous, but his behaviour to me, its very nice
  5. unfortunately, my fiance has very similar behaviour. " dont wear too much make up, ", dont put this clothes,they are too much open for other men" , dont use miniskirts, dont use v necks, ", Dont look at this man", he has also kurdish roots, and he is very strictly believer person, his upbringing was also strict. I dont know, i think in turkey its very common , it has deep roots in culture :/ But of course he shouldnt force you to wear hijab or dont talk with people. This is sick, and also he shouldnt tell you bad words as a b*tch and etc. I think you must leave this guy : (
  6. Hello everyone, please somebody help me in my situation? Im from germany, and i wanrt marry with turkish young man, we love each other, (my fiance doesnt want to live with me till we will marry). So i prefer religious wedding in mosque, ( because it is a lot of paperworks for me). What i need to have ( which documents) if i want to marry in religious way in istanbul with him? we want in future to marry also in civil way, officialiy, but now not. We dont have also money for this paperworks and etc. We want to have only religious wedding at first. Can somebody help me, if it
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