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  1. Thank you so much, again, for this thorough and helpful answer. Of course I can scan and send you a copy of the komisyon değerlendirme formu. For now, I've searched a bit online and found what may be an old version here. If this is still in use, it appears that only health and/or education -related justifications would suffice in an appeal.
  2. Okay, now I hope you don't mind, but I still have questions of my own. 1. Do I obtain the komisyon değerlendirme formu directly at the Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü, or is it something I should get from elsewhere? 2. Should I go with a dilekçe already prepared? Or a lawyer for that matter? 3. My biggest fear is that when I go to the Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü, they will try to tell me that I have 10 days to leave the country (as my old STRP is now expired, while still waiting for my renewal appointment). Do you know if they instantly try to pressure you to sign something saying you'll leave
  3. Hi Ken, Thanks for your response. I'll answer your questions first, as I still have a few of my own. The gün sayımı belgesi replaces the old giriş-çıkış kaydı, as the former goes into a bit more specifics regarding exactly how many days you may have stayed inside the country with & without a valid RP as well as (not only the last 8 years but also) the number of days you've stayed legally inside Turkey within the last 5 (as there is a further quota for this). At the bottom of the paper is an evaluation (either olumlu or olumsuz -- Naturally, mine was olumlu). It is obtained
  4. How can I contest or object a negatively reviewed LTRP decision? Does anyone have any experience with this process? What steps do I need to take aside from presenting myself to the Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü? Should I get a lawyer? Background: I applied for the long-term in October, and went to my appointment in January. I brought all of the documents requested on my application form as well as every single thing mentioned on every website I could find online (in both Turkish and English) just as a back-up. I was told that most of the documents I had brought were no lo
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