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  1. I am curious about this also. I presume no hospital will turn anyone away but what keeps them from assessing charges later? I have only found articles stating such as this: https://www.trtworld.com/turkey/coronavirus-treatment-in-turkey-is-free-35417 The first paragraph says "Turkish citizens who have contracted with Covid-19 will be treated free of charge." But then it goes on to say "As part of fight against coronavirus, all people in Turkey regardless of whether they have social security or not will be able to benefit from the equipment provided by the Health Ministry." But then says "Health Ministry also is authorised to determine principles regarding to the procedure."
  2. There is a myth that foreigners get "stuck" with higher payments than Turkish citizens. Ken is correct, enrollment in SGK bases payment on income, SGK has a web site, some of which is in English. I suggest you meet with an accountant who knows about taxes and other financial and income reporting obligations to determine what your SGK payments will be. Anyone who qualifies for a residence permit has to show income of 500 USD monthly which also puts them in the highest bracket for SGK payment. If you will be working in Turkey after citizenship, you should inquire about retirement and health benefit payments. If you pay into the system an adequate amount and qualify for retirment, you will no longer have to pay in to SGK as a retiree. Consult an attorney or accountant for all this. I fail to understand why anyone would want citizenship unless they need to work in Turkey. Turkey officially allows, but can decide not to "recognize" dual-citizenship if or when it might come to certain alleged offenses against the state. A NASA scientist who was born in Turkey but became a US citizen, returned to Turkey to visit his family, a disgruntled neighbour made a complaint, the scientist was imprisoned and is now under house arrest the last I heard. In these troubled times, many Turkish citizens have been imprisoned for publicly disagreeing with certain government actions. A non-citizen, unless accused of spying, would face, at most, extradition. A personal friend of mine who is a UK citizen and is a 25+ year resident was detained at the Istanbul Emniyet overnight for being in the crowd at a protest against the jailing of a group of academics. The next day he was released and as he left the Emniyet, immigration took him in to custody and that night they put him on a plane to the UK!! (True story). He returned a few days later with the help of the UK government. He had been involved in some minor acivism previously and it was obvious he was singled out for a stern warning. He was fired from his position at a university. He then applied for a retirment he was eligible for and they cut his pension payments in half. He is now in a very long court queue trying to get his pension reinstated. This is called a "chilling effect" not as stren as prison which is where he most certainly would have been had he been a citizen. Not saying you might be in the crosshairs of some government official but neighbours have been known to rat out people they do not like with dire consequences to those fingered.
  3. Why not? You wanna be a citizen, that means certain rights but also certain obligations. Enjoy... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conscription_in_Turkey In Turkey, compulsory military service applies to all male citizens from twenty to forty-one years of age. Those who are engaged in higher education or vocational training programs prior to their military drafting are allowed to delay service until they have completed the programs or reach a certain age. The duration of the basic military service varies: for those without 4-year university degrees twelve months as privates; for those with 4-year university degrees or higher either twelve months as reserve officers or six months as short-term privates. Turkish citizens who reside outside Turkey and have worked for at least three consecutive years have the option to pay a certain fee to be exempt from mandatory military service. This requires a fee of 2000 EUR and a theoretical military training as of August 2018.
  4. Meral do you have a source for or a link to that information please?
  5. WHATSAPP - comfortably the most popular chat app in the UK - has been enlisted by the UK Government to help in the battle against the novel coronavirus pandemic. https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/1261424/WhatsApp-Update-Most-Important-Coronavirus The UK Government has enlisted the help of the world's most popular chat app, WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned messaging service now plays host to a brand-new chatbot designed to answer any questions, concerns or queries that you have about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic gripping the UK, Europe and the rest of the globe. The automated service is designed to provide trusted information and the most up-to-date guidance on the Government website. The service can help if you're looking for information on topics such as coronavirus prevention and symptoms, the latest number of cases in the UK, advice on staying at home, travel advice and myth-busting. To talk to the Government chatbot about the latest advice from health officials, add the number 07860 064 422 (or+447860 064 422 if you're not currently in the UK) to your contacts. Then send the number a message with a simple "hi".
  6. It will be interesting to see how this affects forums such as TC... https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/ruling-party-to-introduce-further-measures-on-social-media-platforms-153754 On top of a total lockdown by all "non-essential" personnel which started last night, I guess things are going to get even more interesting around here. The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is preparing further measures on social network platforms under an omnibus bill that will come to the parliament’s agenda as part of the struggle against the novel coronavirus. The bill aims to further regulate the legal responsibilities of social network providers, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and increase control over the content of these platforms. If the bill is adopted, the social network providers will be legally liable to the Turkish authorities by appointing their representatives in Turkey and if they fail to comply with the requirements, Turkish authorities will be able to limit their access by Turkish users. social network providers will be legally liable to the Turkish authorities by appointing their representatives in Turkey and if they fail to comply with the requirements, Turkish authorities will be able to limit their access by Turkish users. The bill, called the “Draft Law on Amendment in Some Laws,” envisages amendments on the “Regulation of Internet Publications and Combating Crimes Committed through These Publications” and is expected to come to parliament next week. According to the draft bill seen by the Hürriyet Daily News, the social network providers in Turkey or overseas, which have more than one million daily accesses in the country, will have to authorize a representative in Turkey, with the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) or administrative authorities having to send a notification for the fulfillment of the requirements. The BTK will be able to make an on-site examination or have it done at the scene of the event if it deems it necessary to inspect social network providers. Law enforcement officers and other public institutions will provide “inspection support” to the BTK. The BTK will be able to take to court to reduce the internet traffic bandwidth of the social network provider by 50 percent if it does not fulfill the obligation to determine and report a representative in Turkey. If the social network provider does not appoint a representative within 30 days despite the judicial decision, the BTK may apply to court to reduce the internet traffic bandwidth of the social network provider by 95 percent. Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy group chair Özgür Özel has said the government wants to control social media platforms with this bill. “It seems that many communication applications, the most well-known being WhatsApp, will be under the control of the state,” he said at a press conference on April 9 and claimed that the AKP was after “opportunism” in the pretext of the struggle against the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said social media was being used with aims of “misinformation” and to “deceive the public. Speaking in a televised interview on late April 9, Soylu said the government had taken measures against 4,186 social media accounts. “Some 667 users have been identified and are being detained and a large part of them are unfortunately abroad. So FETÖ, DHKP-C and the PKK are in an effort to create chaos, to undermine confidence and to stir worry in Turkey,” he said.
  7. Tez, Pleased to hear you are sorted out for now. Good luck with all that is going on in Turkey these days.
  8. I apologise as I may have given you only half of what you need to know: https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/ is the correct address for initiating an online ikamet (residence permit) application. It seems to be working OK. For a current RP holder to make a change of address for a NEW province you will click on the button which states: "I apply for the extension of the duration of residence permit" (goes to next page) NEXT: Click on "I would like to lodge an application for renewal" (goes to next page) NEXT: (you will see the following) Application for the Extension of the Duration of Residence Permit Entry to Application for the Extension of the Duration of Residence Permit Please fill in the required fields in order to resume! I wish to change my province of residence. Make sure you click on the drop-down link next to "I wish to change my province of residence" and select Yes. After that you will fill out the online application form as usual using your NEW address and the address of the immigration office in your NEW province of residence. Once you successfully fill out the form and are given an appointment date, you are legal even if your current residence permit expires. Make sure you print several copies of the final page of the online application showing your date and time of appointment AND print the pdf which is generated called "Ikamet Basvuru Formu." Carry copies of these with you at all times along with your passport and expired residence permit and you SHOULD have no problem with going past your expiration date. When I did this in January I had no problems but they started my new term of residence from the date of application in January rather than when my old expiration date of June 2020.
  9. Since you are moving out of province you have to go make a new online application to the immigration office. NOTE: If you go to https://www.e-ikamet.com/ you will see that all appointment dates have been changed for starters as almost all government offices have been closed down. So do not sweat that you will be over the 20 business days you have for reporting a change of address. I also just now note that their entire website has changed and it is not obvious how to make an online application form. I suggest you call 157 again and ask them for the link to the new online application form or how to accomplish making your address change. I would suggest you be sitting in front of your computer when you make that call as they may be able or willing to help walk you through the process. IF you can figure out how to do an online form application form you will do what is is called a Transfer Application. **ONLY FOR: converting from one residence permit category to another (i.e., short term to dependent, student to short term) ENGLISH https://www.e-ikamet.com/en/what-is-a-residence-permit-who-are-eligible-for-it#!what-should-be-done-in-case-the-residence-address-changes What should be done in case the residence address changes? Foreign nationals that move to another province different from the province of residence permit must file an application in the new province latest in 20 business days for a new residence permit. If the type of residence permit remains unchanged, a new residence permit is issued only, without having to pay for fee anew.
  10. Some say Covid is not airborne. Uh, sort of... ever been in an elevator or a car or a crowded room when someone sneezed? Ever actually watch those droplets? They may not last very long in the air, but maybe long enough. Please wear a mask if you go out. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases agrees: "Infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci shares what makes COVID-19 so insidious, busts myths about the virus" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A3jiM2FNR8 There are things we can all continue to do to slow down the spread or "flatten the curve." Masks Save Lives You do not need one of the simple paper masks sold in pharmacies, large handkerchiefs or bandanas like cowboys wear can be a reusable, washable and tight-fitting mask. Wash in soap, bleach and hot water and use again. They have many other uses, including: sunshade, towel, compression bandage, water filter, hot pad. Excerpt from: "Essential Survival Gear: A Pro’s Guide to Your Most Practical and Portable Survival Kit:" https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1493015273/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i1?fbclid=IwAR0LuEJI-ksAH_gn042foxVmIaXnUbqnbTKfYMhwFePXA9OBVNWXGMU3c30  These sources make sense to me, if you have to go out, wear a mask, keep those droplets of coughs and sneezes to yourself, wash or, if paper, discard the mask upon returning so as to not infect others in the house. Universal mask-wearing is the most overlooked COVID-19 lifesaver https://www.maskssavelives.org/?fbclid=IwAR1iEyztBj1mWe_kcgBzyy8kC4GOEdwIFxkF9Knn8oUrP3CcExZ0zRHw9hc AND COVID-19: WHY WE SHOULD ALL WEAR MASKS — THERE IS NEW SCIENTIFIC RATIONALE https://medium.com/@Cancerwarrior/covid-19-why-we-should-all-wear-masks-there-is-new-scientific-rationale-280e08ceee71
  11. Thanks Ken, we did find a place literally overlooking Kultur Park in Mimar Sinan Mah. It took us quite a while and looked at a lot of places before we found one we liked. Now if coronavirus does not upset our plans, we are scheduled to move on April 01.
  12. Fada wrote: If he does not need health insurance for RP, what he will write in insurance-fields on RP-application? If you are over 65 and do not want nor have SGK nor private health insurance then you can put "18 yaş altı veya 65 yaş üstü" (Under 18 or over 65) in the drop-down menu where it asks for Sağlık Sigortası Türü or Type of Health Insurance Ken wrote: I think, but I am not sure, that once he enters his birth date, the option to enter the insurance may be either optional, or not there at all. You do have to make an entry such as above.
  13. Dona, I went to the link: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/while-abroad/criminal-record-checks.htmlIt says: "An individual requiring an apostille or authenticated copy of his/her FBI Identification Record, or any non-U. S. national or permanent resident who wishes to request his/her FBI Identification Record must submit a request directly to the FBI CJIS Division. The U. S. Department of State Authentications Office may then place an apostille document for use in a country that is party to the Hague Apostille Convention. For countries not party to the Hague Apostille Convention, the U. S. Department of State Authentication Office will place a certification over the FBI seal." Did your husband request the FBI authentication seal only? Are you required to have a US address, meaning could you have had the document sent to you in Turkey?
  14. The missus (Turkish), our cat, and me (yabanci) moved to Izmir on the 1st of January. We are temporarily staying in Karşiyaka, Mavişehir. We are in an active search for an urban and long-term (1 year or longer) rental of a furnished apartment (3+1 w 1, 1.5, or 2 bath) in the Karşiyaka (Mavişehir-Atakent-Bostanli), or Konak/Alsancak areas. We do not want to buy. We like convenience for shopping & coffee-tea-dining and although we have a car we do not plan to use it much as the transit system here is great. May even sell the car, We have been in contact with a few emlaks and use sahibinden.com and am searching for rentals, but any suggestions for emlaks would be appreciated. As we are well over middle-aged, retired, on a fixed income and on SGK + private insurance, we would appreciate your recommendations on hospitals, both private and devlet, sağlık ocağı and/or tip merkezi, as well as family practice/internal medicine doctors with whom you have had good experiences.
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