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  1. Thanks. Worried about the dealers. They have been giving me a 250-500tl price range. Looking for a 50cc, so no insurance is needed. Thought special plates were for military or officials.
  2. Anyone know how much it costs to transfer a scooter Ruhsat into your name at the noter? Price may factor into what bike I purchase. Thanks in advance.
  3. Is it easier to get citizenship if your married to a turk? What is required for citizenship.
  4. Looking at 50cc scooters if I cant get a motorcycle licence. Do I need to register it in my name? If so, how would i go about doing so. Us expat.
  5. Thank you. As a foreigner.Trying to find out how I can get a motorcycle licence.
  6. Have my Turkish drivers license. My us motorcycle license expired. Has anyone gotten a turkish motorcycle license?
  7. Thanks: 74 Thanked 7 Times in 6 Posts Buying a 50cc moped scooter Anyone know a good quality 50cc bike? My motorcycle license is expired. Looking at some small models for around town. Would like an affordable model. Not familiar with scooters and moped models and brand quality.
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