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  1. Thank you for you support sir Ken! Yes i will surely update this topic. And I hope i could spend the next winter with my Girlfriend in Turkey.
  2. Don't worry about it Sir, you helped me a lot and i hope you won't stop helping if someone like me or even myself needed a help from a person like you. On monday, I am planning to go to the turkish embassy and talk to a consulate about this matter and i hope i get a good feedback and make my hopes even higher. Take care and Enjoy your stay here in Philippines!
  3. Thank you Sir @Ken Grubb and sir Pete! I'll go to the turkish embassy and talk to a turkish consulate first then if i need more help from two of you i might get back here and ask again, and i hope you can still help me. I really appreciate your help Thank you very much!
  4. And about the website that you gave Sir, I somehow don't know/understand about the 4th prerequisites. And in the second, what are the ways so that i can prove it? I mean i don't have bank account is digital money/wallet could be accepted?
  5. Hello Sir Ken, I'm sorry for asking that. So we really wanted to be together but we are really having problems regarding getting my Turkey Visa because, I don' have the enough requirements to be approved for a Turkey VISA I only have my Passport. I read to get a Turkey VISA as a tourist I have to have a bank account to show that I can live in Turkey for the Days that I am going to apply. Is there any alternative ways to get a Turkey VISA, and is it possible for me to have even though I don't have the said requirement/s?
  6. Hi Sir Ken! I have messaged you on your Facebook Account, hoping that you could see it and could help me answers my questions about this matters. Thank you very much for this very helpful answer on regarding my need.
  7. Hi Ramizes i read your post it seems we are in the same situation and concern.Mine is my fiance. but just worried if going to turkey need bunch of documents and process like EU and Usa Or those country need visa.

  8. hi, i really need a help. Because I and my Girlfriend from Turkey are planning to live together in Turkey but we don't know what to do since I am from Philippines. can Somebody help me to know the things i/we need to do so I can get there and do our plans? Thank you. PS. I have my passport already.
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