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  1. Ken thanks so much for this information and i will let my fiance call the numbers you provided i appreciate it so much.thanks agan. Inshaallah everything will be okay.
  2. hi Ken how about immigration in philippines im just worried about what called offload and im sure they will interview and do i need to process resident permit in turkey ?do i need to bring all this documents with me like bank account ans statements?sorry for questions since the first time I heard that Passport and evisa only .. how about ticket back?
  3. Hi Ramizes i read your post it seems we are in the same situation and concern.Mine is my fiance. but just worried if going to turkey need bunch of documents and process like EU and Usa Or those country need visa.

  4. Hi Ken Thanks so much for this info, i just wsnt to clarify that first: I need only an evisa and passport? second: how about those bank account or any requirement? when i check evisa is only to thise who have resident permit from some country like EU. thanks waiting your reply.
  5. Hi I dont know if im in the right page Since im not a turkish national, but my fiance is. Hes been here in Philiplines for 3 years he love and like philippines i know that, now I supposed to go with him but i need visa but Immigration in philippines didnt give us a chance to arrange anything. they hold my fiance in airport even his exit clearance is feb 6 so he have enought time to fix everything. i didnt see him since they are not allowed to contact or talk or see anybody. Now what we Planned is im the one the one who will come but the im worried i stop already from my job. and what visa i need and information. someone have experience or any idea? thanks
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