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  1. Thanks Ken. I don't care much for celebrities, as much as for people who are interesting and educated. I love mixing with people and exchanging ideas and learning from others as well as teach others... intellectual stimulation.. this exchange is more what I'm looking for. :-) I don't want to end up in a mainly young people's place who only want to party and that's it, not fond of a frivolous and superficial environment. That's what I mean.
  2. Thank you Ken. I was also planning on moving there by the end of next summer. I'm moving from Canada maybe in May, but will probably (nothing is finalized yet, I'm still seeing what and how to do it) stay in France or Italy for a couple of months before moving to Turkey. I might do Alanya anyway as I've joined a FBK group of Alanya expats and ''made friends'' with a couple of people who work online like I plan to do. However did not plan on staying long-term if the Canadian girl is right about people in general there. Also, the recent deaths of three Russian tourists at three different
  3. Hi, I'd like to move to turkey for a while. I'm single with a (big) dog. I was thinking of Alanya but after reading another post (I had posted a reply but it disappeared), I'm not sure I'd like to go there anymore. I'm looking for a place where interesting people live, whether Turkish or expats. Intelligent, educated and interesting. I was recently told by a fellow Canadian that Alanya is not ideal as it's a party, touristy place and that - her words not mine: "cheap people live there" .. not sure what she meant. Also, I'm terrified of earthquakes and the seismic map shows that the area
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