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  1. Can you please confirm me if anyone overstay on tourist visa, one of my friend want to stay more for 7 days after his number of days allotted. he was allowed to stay up to 7 days and but he want to stay 7 days more, could you please confirm if there are any penalty and how much is the penalty per day?
  2. Yesterday I got my Daughters Residency, I must say Luckily, actually it was not with residency office and neither with PTT, they delivered to my apartment building security men and i was shocked how PTT delivered without checking any document. anyways its a strange act done by PTT for delivering Residency permit, I checked with Residency office normally PTT never send RP to Residency office(where you submit your application), they normally deliver to your address or keep it with them. but by this act I found PTT are very irresponsible. so my suggestion is if you don't receive your message from PTT in 1 week after submission of application, start tracking on the following link: https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/Ikamet/DevamEdenBasvuruGiris/IlkBasvuru and if you found something like this comment " already delivered to PTT" that means you should receive a SMS with the bar code, if didn't receive it then call 157 they will tell you the bar code number by which you can go to PTT tracking website and track on the following link: https://gonderitakip.ptt.gov.tr/ once you identify the PTT office, go there with the bar code number and collect your RP don't wait for them to deliver it to you and anyways you are not home they can deliver it to anyone.
  3. Thanks Ken for your response, yes i will check this out with PTT, as right now i am not in the town, but do you have any information, either they send back the RP to residency office where we put up the application?
  4. Hello, I have applied for my residency, first i didnt recevie any SMS from PTT, i called 157 they confirm me the tracking number and ask me to check with PTT, i checked on there website, in there tracking its mentioned already delivered, 1 week ago it was delivered to the PTT and after 1 week its showing delivered. i am bit confused where did they delivered it ? does it mean they deliver back to Ankara, or anyother office, please let me know i am bit confused with this process. thanks,
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