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  1. You're right. I'm 34, hes 31. He told told me he didnt want to move in with me. He was really nice about it. He always says he wished he had met me 6 years ago, I met him to late. I have nothing to offer. I have 3 kids, frivolous American debt from divorce, (I have a good job though something positive I guess). It was great while it lasted, and I hope he has the most beautiful life.
  2. Not a significant gap, I am there years older. We had been talking about moving in together, but he backed out yesterday. He rents a room for 200 a month, and says at my place when I don't have my kids. I also made a typo in my post. He has been here for 2 years. We are friends on all social media, but we do not post about each other. He knows something is bothering me he can "read my eyes" because he is a swarthy smooth talking MFKer.
  3. My Turkish boyfriend has been living in America for a little over a year and all of his family and friends are in Turkey. I am a single mom of three (I share them with my ex husband equally). He doesnt seem interested in meeting them, and seems flighty in life in general. He makes plans for our future together, but also never let's me forget that I shouldn't get attached. We do love each other, and our relationship is getting better not worse, but I dont know where to go from here. I support him in every quim he may have. I supported and encouraged him to go home to Turkey to see his family and friends for two months, I didnt bother him and showed only one case of jealousy when he sent me a picture of him and a friend that is a girl at a castle, it wasnt lack of trust, I just wish I could have been in that beautiful land with him. I feel as though I walk on eggs shells around him careful of his privacy on social media because he is a "private" guy. We go into public and hold hands and flirt etc, but I cant help but feel he is embarrassed of me. I don't know if I should end it now so we can be friends or risk digging deeper and letting him break my heart. I'm so confused.
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