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  1. Dear Eglegal, Really appreciate you taking the time out and replying to my post. The first option seems to be the way forward. However, what if I do nothing. He leaves and goes back to Turkey. Would he be granted a divorce overtime without my involvement ? Regards Libby
  2. My Turkish husband wants to return back to Turkey (we currently live in the UK and I plan to stay here) and get a divorce from me. I have no money or assets so I,m not able to use a solicitor. Can he divorce me while he is in Turkey and me still living in the UK, I don't plan on ever returning to Turkey. Im happy to sign any documents that he sends over to the UK but I'm not willing to divorce him at my expense. (its his idea not mine) He wants to remarry and have kids as unfortunately I can't have children due to medical issues. Because he wants to re-marry asap he will be looking for a quick divorce but I really can't see this as being any benefit to me at all. (he's getting a arranged marriage) I don't want to be awkward but what would be the damage to me and what would be the process if I only waited for letters to sign from him. I simple can'y afford a solicitor. I'll agree to the divorce if that helps him build a new life, I still love him dearly. It doesn't bother me if I remain married for years to come(on paper) as I feel I have absolutely nothing to gain or lose and I plan never to marry again. Would he need the red book and is it a good idea for me to get a copy of this. Many thanks Libby
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