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  1. Hi Worldtraveller My wife and I are also moving from Canada to Turkey. It's very interesting how much your goals for moving to Turkey aligns with us. We're also looking for a quite, beautiful place and close to nature or beach where we can have daily walk or hike. We're in our 40s and also looking for nice easy-going friends whom we can get together in the evening for a coffee / beer and a chat or go hiking / cannoning on the weekends. For all those reasons we chose Izmir, particularly Naridere or Urla which are in outskirts of Izmir. The only issue is that most properties in those places are rented as unfurnished and we think to rent a furnished place for the first year. The other choice is Karsikya in Izmir where there are more furnished apartments available for rent, but it's gonna be inside the city and I'm not sure how quite it will be compared to outskirts of Izmir. We also love dogs and couldn't have one in Canada due to busy life. We decided to purchase / adopt one as soon as we settle in Izmir. It's very interesting that you plan to volunteer for strays. That was the exact conversation I had with my wife last week as she's also interested in doing that. We stayed in Alanya for 2-3 months back in 2016 and even though we loved the nature, we didn't see ourselves living there permanently. We're moving in mid February and thinking to get an Airbnb for a month to get to know the city before renting a place. I would be happy to keep in touch with you to keep you updated.
  2. Great info. Did you move to Urla Cowboy? How do you like it? My wife and I are moving to Izmir from Toronto, Canada. We are looking at Narlıdere and Urla, somewhere quite and still close to the city.
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