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  1. I'm researching various sitesi around Calis beach in Foca Mh and Akarca Mh to purchase a detached villa. Which sitesi do you recommend for high built quality, modern, family oriented and quite (as opposed to a sitesi that most of their villas being rental holiday homes, noisy and popular for late night parties)? We have a small dog, are most sitesi pet friendly? Is bbq allowed in our backyard? Thanks
  2. My wife and I moved to Izmir from Canada recently. We're researching and exploring other cities such as Fethiye, Kas, and Koycegiz. We plan to rent a car next week and stay in these 3 cities a few nights to get a feel of the place and if we like them, we'll come back again to explore more. We're looking for a place with warmer weather than Izmir (Izmir has been quite cold this February); more green places such as forests, large parks, ... for morning runs or evening strolls as opposed to a large city with lots of buildings and shopping malls; a live city so it's not dead in the winter; an
  3. Good day My wife and I would like to adopt a small dog. Any tips and suggestions? Also, can you suggest some dog adoption organizations in Izmir please?
  4. Is there any off-peak hours (hours when electricity price is lower) for electricity in Turkey? For example, in Canada it's cheaper to run the washing machine / dishwasher between 7:00 pm to 8:00 am and on weekends.
  5. I don't see Canada on the list either. I have a Canadian passport and UAE driving license and UAE is on the list. Can I exchange my UAE license with the Turkish one?
  6. Thanks @Ken Grubb and @40Lillies. Your questions/answers were very beneficial for someone who is moving to Turkey.
  7. Something like 50mbps speed with unlimited usage. I checked both Vodafone and TTnet websites and it seems Vodafone prices are a bit lower and they offer free TV service as well. Any particular reason for recommending TTnet? I used google translate but it seems both companies ask for 24 month commitment. Do all internet services come with 24 month commitment or there are month to month options as well?
  8. Thanks for the detailed answer. I was told that I should sign the rental contact at a notary office and notarize it and pay the first month rent and deposit using a bank transfer. Is that a common practice? Can I get a home internet service before my residence permit arrives? Do you recommend Vodafone or Turk Telecom?
  9. So the common practice is that I provide one month rent as a deposit to the landlord and they refund it once I move out? I have a few questions about renting and I'd appreciate if you can help me out. I understand it may take a couple of months before I get an interview appointment and my Kimlik card arrives. In the meanwhile can I register the water, electricity, and gas bills under my name before my card arrives or they stay under landlord's name until I get my card? Also, before signing the rental contract, should I ask for landlord's Tapu (ownership document), as well as las
  10. Hi @Ken Grubb Do I pay the deposit directly to the landlord or deposit it into a bank account?
  11. Hi Worldtraveller My wife and I are also moving from Canada to Turkey. It's very interesting how much your goals for moving to Turkey aligns with us. We're also looking for a quite, beautiful place and close to nature or beach where we can have daily walk or hike. We're in our 40s and also looking for nice easy-going friends whom we can get together in the evening for a coffee / beer and a chat or go hiking / cannoning on the weekends. For all those reasons we chose Izmir, particularly Naridere or Urla which are in outskirts of Izmir. The only issue is that most properties in those places
  12. Great info. Did you move to Urla Cowboy? How do you like it? My wife and I are moving to Izmir from Toronto, Canada. We are looking at Narlıdere and Urla, somewhere quite and still close to the city.
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