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  1. Hey guys... i met my bf last year and he was my first bf, he loved me so much even more than i loved him, we were not match so i wanted to breakup several times but all the time he cried and begged to not doing that, all the time i felt sad so i accepted and didnt breakup,hopped that things will become better, afterwards my love toward him increased but at the same time our relationship became boring to him and it was all his fault cause he is not fun guy and he just likes to sit down and complaine about life ! anyway i loved him because he respected me and he was pure and kind and emotional but afterwards some turkish girl entered to our life,her ex recently treated so bad to her and first time i met her i felt that she doesnt like me and she is so jealous about our relationship and how my ex was respecting me, afterwards she started to treat me bad and rudly so i asked my bf to not see her anymore but he didnt accept that and we had our big fight of our relationship because of that which was so stupid, after that he started to act to me so cold and i felt like im in a war with all the turkish people, it was like thay are all against me suddenly and want to broke me, the i broke up and he accepted it this time, its been 4 months now, we both are student in hu and first time that we came back fron our countries he started to act in a way that he wants me back but after one month that he actes like that and i asked him if he wants to get back lets talk about it he said that he is not ready for a relationship and mybe in future we could get back, he is still hanging out with that girl and also he says he still has feelings for me but he is not ready. i dont know what to do to get him back and i cant even understand him, cause he doesnt let me go but also he doesnt want to be with me and prefered his friends.it was like just because she was turkish and i was not, he prefered her. im sure that he sees the girl as a sister but also im sure that she doesnt let him get back to me i dont know what to do and im surprized that how he lost that much if love toward me and how he can deal with break up if he still loves me as he said
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