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  1. i tried to see my adresse on e Devlet but I couldn’t. I tried to open a account at garanti and they told me they couldn’t find my adresse. So I tried it myself Does anyone know what I have to do ?
  2. *Update * they tried to deliver it but I am not home as I flew to another city for a day. And they wouldn’t give it to my cousin I live with will try and pick it tomorrow from the PTT
  3. No nothing at all. No document given. But this morning I received a text from the PTT with my tracking number. and on the website it said delivered to PTT. I am surprised it went this fast. Or could I get anymore surprises ?
  4. It was in Ankara. What I understood is they don’t give no temporary paper anymore! And yes I forgot the payment receipt in the file, I went back the same day but she didn’t understand what I was saying and she was quite rude i have a Germany passport I didn’t have an entry visa and I’ve been here since 11 of August. I’ve been in an out a few times for a few days. i roughly have till 9th of November. Does it take long to get the sms that says your application is been accepted ?
  5. No temporary RP paper or any other paper given after I submitted my application. She just took my phone number and told me to go. I was so nervous I even left my receipt in the file I submitted. Does anyone one know what will happen next ? I submitted on the 10/10/19
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