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  1. Hi Ken, apologies for late response. Anyway, I clarified with my friend about what happened. So he went for his randev vous and this was 2 days before he was actually leaving the country. He explained the situation to them and they told himto pay 567 TL to get a Visa. The paper he then got from then was only that he had been to the meeting and was now waiting for the permit. Once at the border they said that this paper is not valid to leave the country on and he had to pay another 1000 TL for 35 days of overstay. So somehow he was given no valid proof from e-ikamet that he had payed
  2. Hi Ken (and everyone else who reads this ) Just wanted to update you on what happened (i'm back in Istanbul so all is good ) As you said Ken, I needed to pay a fine when I left the country. That fine was quite high (more than 800 TL) and the reason for that was that it also included the cost for a Visa (as a Swede I did not have to pay for a tourist visa, so when overstaying I had to pay this extra amount for the Visa including the fine). I got the receipt and upon showing it on my return I was granted entry and had to sign the şartlı giriş (saying i have to apply for e-ikamet with
  3. Well, yes, that is correct. The only thing I'm puzzled about then is why they told me at the migration office+the insurance agent that I will pay a fine if I leave before my appointment, the insurance agent even recommended me strongly to make sure I got to pat the fine when I leave so that I don't get problems when I come back (see also this for a worst case scenario where they would not only issue a fine but also a ban : https://yabangee.com/residence-permit-frequently-asked-questions/#9 ) Related to this, would you show your existing application upon leaving the country and telling th
  4. Thank you! To update you, I also met with an agent for Securance Sigorta (my insurance company, also offering some consulting and help with applications) and he said I should indeed cancel my application before I go to the airport and pay the fine. He even offered me to do this directly but I said I would do it myself. I am inclined to believe your version however. The way I see it, if they chose to cancel my application because I overstayed, then be it. I will pay the fine, have my application voided and come back and apply anew (unless they put a ban on me and don't let me in). To
  5. Dear Ken, as always, thank you for your elaborate answers! As i’m Swedish I receive Visa upon arrival and to my knowledge i cannot apply for one in advance. Turkish airlines never check visas from Sweden(due to visa on arrival policy i think) so the control will be on the border. Also went to immigration office now and they also confirmed they cannot grant me exit without the meeting having taken place.However, they still told me I can leave and when I come back I just pay the fine and re-enter. Don’t know how much I can trust that info but I would be totally fine paying a fine
  6. Hi there, A new question popped up regarding above as I'm now in a new related situation. My tourist visa has now expired and I have applied and received a time for my appointment in February. However, I do want to leave Turkey during Christmas and was wondering if this is possible. Does the 15 day rule apply before I had my meeting? All the best, Marcus
  7. I found this for instance, not sure whether it is trustworthy and helpful regarding above: https://residencepermitturkey.com/residence-permit-cost-application-turkey-fee/
  8. Thank you Ken, this is very helpful. Actually, as to your last comment about leaving the country, that's a question that popped up as well. Because I will actually need to leave the country for a week by the 2 december (by then I will have 3 days left on 90 days). Before then of course I will have applied (my application will be sent in a weeks time). Now the question remains: if they have not processed my application before I leave in december, will that affect my application somehow? Meaning, can you leave/enter the country while the application is processing if you still have time left on t
  9. Dear Ken, Thank you for your answer, that clarifies a lot to me. The only thing I don't understand is your last sentence: "...you must apply for a residence permit. You can do this any time within 60 days of reaching your maximum amount of days in Turkey". Do you mean I need to apply before I have 60 days left? Or do you mean I can apply up to the last day before my days are finished? (I have heard the latter version, where as long as the application is received before your maximum days are reached, you will be fine) All the best, Marcus
  10. Dear forum, I’m from Sweden and moved to Istanbul together with my girlfriend to join her for her exchange semester at the Istanbul Technical University. The 90/180 rule applies to me as a tourist, however, as I have been entering and exiting the country several times this year (and will at least 2 more times this year) I am not sure how to count and whether I will need a residence permit or not. I already went here on April 18th for vacation and stayed for 11 days. On the 28th of August I came back to Turkey with my girlfriend for her school start, exited again for a week, and then cam
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