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  1. Thanks for your reply and information! By the way: we have the dutch nationality
  2. We (my husband, our adult son and I) are planning to rent an apartment for 1 year in Marmaris or Icmeler. My husband has an income from retirement, but my son and I (58 years old) have due the circumstances no income. Our son is diagnosed with autism. My son and I have savings in the bank, enough for the required amount for both to live in Turkey for 1 year. Is it true that a marriage certificate translated by a sworn translator relieves me of having about 6000 Euro on a Turkish bankaccount? Our son is going to live with us in the apartment in Turkey. My husband is going to sign the rental agreement. Doesn’t my son get difficulties to get a Residence Permission because he is over 18 years old? He is 22 years old by the time we are in Turkey. I hope someone can give us more information. Last question: do we need a passport or is an ID card also valid to get an RP?
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