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  1. Ok let me put the question in a different way. If a person postpones there military service till 38, and he stays in Turkey for 7 months on a visit, will they allow him to leave to do dovizli askerlik back home? because like i said i think there is a 6 month limit to stay in turkey per year. thx
  2. My friend, who is a dual citizen, postponed his military till 38 years old. He wants to come to Turkey to live for 1 or 2 years during this time, he is 29 now. Does anyone know what is the penalty for living in Turkey for 1-2 years while on postponement? I read that you can only stay in Turkey for 184 days per year or you risk having your postponement cancelled. Will he have to pay a fine when he tries to leave? sent to military? etc? Thanks in advance for anyones help on this matter.
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