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  1. OK, thank you, I will try to do it. When I filled out the form last time there was a field entitled "Date of arrival or Expected Date of arrival in Turkey" so it seems like it would be acceptable to put a future date. I'm planning to come back around 1st February so I'll try to fill out the online form in December given that it's taking around 2 months right now to get an appointment. I already have the health insurance.
  2. I am currently in Turkey with a residence permit that expires in November. I plan to make a two month trip abroad to Asia and then return in February. I tried to extend the permit before leaving but the appointment date they gave me will be after I leave. So I'm wondering - as I already know when I'll be back is it possible for me to make the appointment in advance so that I don't have to wait for 1-2 months just to get the appointment? I did see that on the form it had an option to put "expected date of arrival in Turkey" and I can get confirmation the appointment date by email. When I get back I will need to apply for a visa and to do that I need to get the RP as quickly as possible.
  3. Yes, even with the system they have now, in October 2019, there is a problem with the English version of their website. It was all fine until I got to the health insurance page but it gave an error when I tried to submit that information. I changed the language to Turkish and it worked fine. On the next page I switched it back to English and continued.
  4. I applied for an extension of my residence permit but I will need to leave the country for about 6 weeks soon after the interview. I can't wait for the new residence card to arrive because I don't know how long that might take, but I expect that by the time I get back the card would have arrived. I'm wondering how long the Post Office would hold the card if I'm not there to collect it.
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