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  1. i got a phone call on sunday at 2pm from my son to tell me that i was in the papersthe sunday observer food magazine had contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if they could take some pictures which i agreed to, so i was expecting a small write up but not as good as thisit has made me very proud, and proves that hard work and good clean produce makes it all worth whilemy thanks to all for past and present support, you can read the article by clicking on http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/200...ds-in-the-worldi am flying out on monday to prepare my sweet paprika and chilli flakes for transportationi will also be organising and preparing my other produce such as my candied bergamot, candied quince, candied seville orange, preserved lemons and not forgetting my table olives and olive oilmany thanks again mem
  2. to start with i got a reference from the village muhtar where i have bought property, i had to provide pictures and a copy of my passport etcon arrival in the uk i got the appropriate forms from the turkish consulate in knightsbridge, i provided them with names and addresses of turkish nationals who would give me a referencei had to provide them with details of bank accounts held in Turkey, as well as proof of owning a property in Turkeyi was asked for copies of my birth certificate and marriege certificate, i then had to go to the turkish consulate with all this paperwork, sign some papers and pay some fees and wait 6 months please bear in mind that i was born a Turkish cypriot and grew up in the uk so i believe it was a little easier for meanyhow the end result was my childhood dream of becoming a Turkish natinalregards mem
  3. HI EVERYONE thanks for all your replies, i have overcome the problem by going to the notaire and registering my brother in law as a co owner of the carthis also meant going to the police, the tax office, the dept of transport and so on once this was done and i was happy in the knowledge that my brother in law was able to use the vehicle without hinderence, i then came back to the uk and applied and got turksih nationality, so i am now the very proud owner of a Turkish passportregards mem
  4. hi everyone i need advise as to what i should or should not do, i wish to drive to Turkey where i have a farm and bring over machinery, furniture, shelving, freezer and fridges, vacuum cleaners petrol strimmers etc (all pre used in the ukon my return to the uk i would like to bring back with me my produce from my farm which consists of olive oil, olives, dried fruit, preserved lemons, candied fruits, and much more my purpose is to give as samples in the uk with a view to getting future orders for a business venture i have in mindwhat obstacles do i face, will i be allowed to bring my produce out with me i look forward to your repliesregards mem
  5. hi i bought a car in Turkey recently and had to go through the formalities of reregistering it in my name, getting a new mot as well as new number plates etcbuying a car in Turkey is not anywhere near as easy as it is in the uk you have to go through the police, you have to go to the dept of transport as well as the tax office etc etcwhen this is all done and dusted you go back to the police with your new number plates and they stamp and seal them tell you to immediately put them on your vehicle and return the old ones immediately, and then they suprise you with a statement that you and your immediate family are the only ones allowed to use the vehicle you ask why and the reply is that you have been given visitors number plates, so you have paid all the same fees and dues that the locals would have paid but you cannot assign the use of the car to any one else whatsover, so the car is sat there for the best part of the year bearing in mind the yearly tax on the vehicle is a darn sight more than the uknone of this is explained to you by anyone in the buying processi am told that this is a reasonably new law that was bought in by customs to stop foreign property owners buying cars and allowing there guests to use them i hope this is of some help to youregards mem
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