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  1. Thank you for response. I read somewhere that we can apply online but I forget where I read this. Also I have a paper that show I'm the same person in turkey and the country where I live
  2. Hello there, long story short. I have dual citizenship. I live outside turkey. My last name / family name in second nationality is different than Turkish one (almost every person who have dual citizenship have the same issue) but my problem is that I want to work in Turkey but my family name on the university certificate is different. How can I change my family name in the ID to be same as my second nationality ? I need to know where should I submit an application.
  3. Thank you guys for your replies . I asked this question because as you know Aselsan is a state-owned company and I read on their website that I need to have a degree from turkish uni .
  4. Hello there I created this topic because I didn't find the exact topic to post this. I'm a Turkish and at the same time I have a second passport . I raised and born in my second country and I took my bachelor in computer science also there. I'm looking to work at Aselsan but I wondering if they will hire someone who graduated from a university outside of turkey . Please can someone tell me if possible to get the job even if I have the conditions above
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