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  1. Hi Ken, reading your message above, just a question, if I may ask, why the police visited your residence? It sounds strange, even scary for me, that all of a sudden the police can be in front of my door.
  2. Hello everyone, I am new in this forum and it looks really good! I also work remotely from home, more than a year already ,for a foreign company. However as as012a2565 says for more than a year I can not continue paying taxes in the country you came from, so I will have to pay taxes in Turkey from now and on. My employer does not want to apply for any work permit (since what I am doing is not related to any business here in Turkey), neither to arrange my taxation in Turkey. Its all up to me. I then asked advise from some companies specialized in taxation for expats and besides that they are asking me some thousands to arrange my taxation in Turkey, they also told that it looks that I may be tax exempted too. So i d like to ask, for you guys that work remotely for a foreign company abroad, how do you deal with the taxation here in Turkey? Are you also tax exempted? How did you arrange your tax declaration? Did you also address it to a big tax consultancy company, specialized in such complicated matters or just to a local tax office? Really looking forward to hearing from you guys. That would be really helpful for me!
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