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  1. Alzaro

    Main Road, Goreme, Cappadocia

    I think an old german tv-series was recorded here. Nice nice nice
  2. this pics are good for a calendar
  3. Alzaro

    Cave Houses, Cavusin, Cappadocia

    This caves are high rated in the hot summer days. 20°C ambient temp
  4. Unstuck with local partners...something like mentality differencies Ibrahim. Or/and different meanings, and beliefs. How do they recapitalize 19%? Turkey has - as far i know - no substantial natural resources, otherwise the western crooks had them shurely embedded into their ponzi-scheme. (And endless printing money like the EZB is not the solution, and causes inflation; Some constitutional lawyers say this is an illegal disseizin. One of my reasons to leave the euro zone.) At least, as far as i know the turkish national bank also dont obliges to gold backing as Russia a.e. Or they do? Closer informations about that is highly appreciated.
  5. In other words, you dont know. Some countries use the 10 to 15 years schedule to 'adapt' ..anpassung.. the actual value. Up and downs, but mostly up$.
  6. Which brand is yours? Netgear or tp-link? 15GB - that is less. I have to check out the Vodafone offers.....
  7. America is not the world. She starts behind their borders. Interesting but not surprising fact that most u.s. think their meaning works everywhere. How would you explain that Ken?
  8. How often will their value renewed? Any periodic schedule? ty
  9. They warrant spare parts availability for 20 years and there are plenty of suppliers. Original and odm, back to the 9000 model. I think what is rare in a country will not be that often stolen or parted out. How much is the vat for parts? 20%?
  10. And when i dont want a landline and only use 4G thru a LTE modem - if such networks are avail.? With a 4G modem you dont need to plug-in you can connect everywhere. A local sim card is the only requirement. And 2 antennas to increase a weak signal. At least 40GB traffic per month should be included to watching tv, MY TV from anywhere in the world as i like it. Their specs sound a bit exotic.
  11. I try - and in general tend - to save time and typo input. thanks Thanks for the input Justin. 4% seems from here like average. I dont seek business but when you dont want to exchange informations i can go anywhere else.
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