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  1. Thank you both for the information, and thank you especially to Ken for the level of detail you provided in your answer. It sounds like a tourist visa followed by a residence permit is the best course of action. Your clarification has been incredibly helpful! I will certainly look into Tomer. Thank you again for the advice!
  2. Apologies if these questions have appeared elsewhere: I searched and didn't see anything come up. I'm interested in going to Turkey to study the language, and I've seen reference to a specific visa type for that. I would appreciate if anyone could help me with the following questions: Is the visa to study Turkish considered a "Short Term" visa or "Student" visa? Does this change whether I have to apply online/at a consulate or in person/online? How long is the typical length of this visa, given that the courses will be booked monthly? I have seen that it can only be renewed once. Does anyone have any experience with this visa (good or bad)? Is the process of getting a residence permit on this visa any different? Is it possible to leave the country and return on a tourist visa if this is close to expiring? Thanks for any input you all may be able to offer!
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