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  1. Giving an update on this situation .... In the end I got someone privately to take a look at the electricity as the real estate agent just read the request message and never replied. I also was able to contact the owner of the apartment via WhatsApp and he promised to send someone to look at the solar. This took 2 weeks before someone showed up.... and said he was there to fix the electricity. The communication with his only Turkish, my only English in person... assisted by someone who spoke limited English on WhatsApp continued for quite a few minutes and seemed more like a SCAM than
  2. Thanks Ken for the details. Will be sure to keep you all posted on what happens.
  3. Thanks for the details and suggestions Justin. I'll work on contacting them again next week and see what happens.
  4. Thanks very much for that advice. Will try again and see what happens.
  5. After renting for a few months with no real issues... the apartment then developed 2 electrical issues. Two lights stopped working and I replaced one no problem as that would fall under "my" responsibility. However the other one can't be replaced as it was wired in somehow and would require an electrician to be removed. Also some of the electrical sockets stopped working around the same time. Checked the fuses, reset them and still not working. Contacted the agent who then took over a week to contact the landlord / owner and I was told that I need to pay to make the repairs and "if" they
  6. Thanks very much. I'll try to give them a call on Monday to see what they say.
  7. Hi Justin Thanks for the information. Trying to have them shipped to the Caribbean. The closest place that said they can do it was in London as individual shipments or in a large box but so far no companies in Turkey shipping there.
  8. Are they any reliable companies in Antalya or even Istanbul that ship items worldwide? My contract in Turkey is almost up and after after accumulating so many things over the time here was trying to find a company to ship either large boxes or even a barrel. So far I've only seen companies that offer FCL, LCL or DHL size packages but nothing in between. Trying to stick to ocean freight if possible. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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