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  1. Thank you Ken Grubb for your detailed information, please rest assure the time you took to answer our questions is much appreciated. Enjoy your stay and I will let you know if we did make the move. Regards, Mav
  2. Thank you Justin for taking the time and I really appreciate the links for the important information. We have yet to decide, but we doubt staying anywhere for more than 90 days. However the information you have provided is much appreciated, since we can strategize for the future. Thank you kindly, Mav
  3. Hi Ken, Thank you for your time and sharing so much useful information on this forum. I have been researching about Turkey and living there for a while now and I have been trying to find information on Americans living there. You seem to have great experience and knowledge regarding this subject. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find anything in regards to sharing financial and tax information between Turkey and The United States governments! - In your experience, does Turkey share financial and banking information with the IRS or the treasury? - Is it beneficial to request residency in Turkey if we are only going to stay there off&on for Six months a year at the most (for tax purposes)? - What do you think about purchasing a property in Alanya, we visited there recently and really like the small tourist town atmosphere? - Do Americans with Turkish residency, have to file taxes with the IRS and the Turkish tax office? Thank you in advance for your time and I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Regards, Mav
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