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  1. Thanks for all the answer so far! Another question though. My wife has a different last name than mine, would obtaining a RP still be a problem? and once we both are able to obtain citizenship, will she be able to change her last name to my last name or even can she do it with applying for the RP? Thanks again everyone!
  2. We have our marriage certificate apostilled and translated into Turkish, will they want it notarized by someone in Turkey as well? Will our passports have to be apostilled as well?
  3. We have our marriage certificate apostilled and translated into Turkish, will they want it notarized by someone in Turkey as well? Also would a joint Turkish bank account will do? Do credit card limits count as well?
  4. Hey all, I would like to know if anyone has information on obtaining a RP for a spouse (both are not Turkish citizens). Or will my spouse have to go through the same process as me? What if I'm the sole income person that can sustain both of us, how will my spouse be able to prove that she can live off of the RP requirements. As I know there isn't a set rule on income requirements for the RP, what is a good rule of thumb? Just above the minimum wage in Turkey? Thanks everyone!
  5. Maybe justin or anyone else can help me with this question. Let's say a family member in Turkey has a home that is valued over $250k usd, and sells you the property for $5, is that legal loophole to do to obtain citizenship?
  6. Ahh gotcha, so I guess it would be best to have a years worth of savings in a Turkish bank just sitting there to show that you can live there for such period?
  7. Oh well then that puts my mind at ease, I see on the requirements for "touristic purposes" is that you must show the officer your itinerary, is that even needed or can you just tell the officer you're there to stay? Side note, I know DGMM the 157 has a international number you can call, but does anyone have the nufus 199 international number in the case you're calling from outside the country?
  8. So if me and my wife head to Turkey and get a residence permit to stay there I guess under "touristic purposes" will they keep renewing us for "touristic purposes" as me and my wife want to stay in Turkey long-term. Also is it possible to show that we both work from home online for a foreign company? Will they allow that?
  9. Finding how hard it might be to go through the bureaucratic hoops, we might just apply for residency instead. But now since I technically am a Turkish citizen how will obtaining my residency work?
  10. Hey Ken and ibrahim, the problem is this: So, my birth certificate does have my father's and mother's name on it, and I have my father's last name, but since both were never married the embassy wants both of my parents present at the embassy right there, so that my mother can allow my father to do all of this. Which of course makes no sense cause I am over the age of 18 and shouldn't be needing permission from a parent. (My mother isn't able to get a US visa right now) So rather than dealing with the embassy I'm guessing doing it in Turkey would be much easier or so I'm told by my family over there.
  11. Hey all, I'm 23 years old and a US Citizen, my father is a Turkish citizen and my mother is a foreigner. Both of them never got married and my birth was never registered in Turkey. My family in Turkey says that getting Turkish citizenship in Turkey is much easier since the embassy is giving me a hard time. Anyone know the process I would have to follow? I'm guessing I would have to register my birth? Thanks all!
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