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  1. Not to hijack the thread but has the Chios port opened for ferries?
  2. Hey all, I'm curious about some formalities with the RP you get for owning a house/flat in Turkey. So if you own a flat and you live in another province (via renting) are you still able to obtain such RP? Or do you need to be 51% of your time at the owned property? Also can you still obtain such RP even though you rent it out to others or must you live there exclusively? Thanks all for your answers.
  3. Hey there, I'm not great with computers but I've managed to build one without it exploding so here I go. You can get a 16gb USB stick (you really only need about 8 or 9 gb), head to the official windows website and download the boot drive which is the installation and transfer it to your usb drive, usually you just pop that right in your computer and wallah free legit not pirated windows. It seems hard but it really isn't honestly, windows shows you as well
  4. ^^ I did read somewhere that if you have a medical condition that will prevent you from serving in the military, you will be excused, if you have hospital documentation to back it up. I'm sure the embassy should know something about this. @Ken Grubb Great stuff on the docs you made, one thing to mention is that in the embassy they might want to request both parents physically present for the process, no ifs ands or buts (I faced that in the US at their embassy).
  5. I'm not Ken but I'll jump in with my knowledge. Btw, you don't have to google the exact process because I believe it's barely done, feel free to be the first though!! I recommend just researching the parts that you need. Btw: I'm American so please do more research as I'm not entirely sure. Birth Certificate: I found these links might be of help: https://www.apostille.org.uk/birth-certificates https://www.gov.uk/get-document-legalised After you get that Apostilled you should get it translated and notarized (The embassy might help you with that part) A criminal record I'm not su
  6. Just to send an update on my question, I believe it is allowed to own just land for a RP as long as you have a plan to build something there within 2 years of obtaining the land. I believe this provision is written in the recent law of Law No. 6302, if someone would like to view it.
  7. I see what you mean, so with doc martins site he is correct because there used to be a provision where if you had Turkish descent (Great-Great-Grandfather was Turkish) then you'd be able to get citizenship but that is no more, So that's what doc martin was trying to say. He can correct me if I'm wrong if he sees this post. As for the embassy site make sure you have the right forms because back in the States the embassy gave me like 4 different forms, I'm sure if you go there personally they might be able to help.
  8. What website did you read that from? Is it possible to double check with the embassy by calling or emailing them. I actually might start this process soon
  9. Ouch sorry to hear that. I know someone trying to get back to Turkey but they're going via Ukraine and they're tickets are still on I think, I'll double check
  10. Me and my wife fully have our ikamets (residence permits) and are now settled in Ankara, thank you to both Martin for the amazing docs you have set up and also thank you to Ken for running this forum with the helpful guides as well! (I'll discuss me and my wife's ikamet fun on another post) So, I have two friends that are out of Turkey (They both have ikamets and own an apartment here). They plan to fly back to Turkey as soon as possible, which I believe its June 4th but I hear it got pushed a week further? The general question is, will they be allowed on a flight to Istanbul from th
  11. Gonna jump on this and ask a question. My wife has 2 middle names and so does her parents, how will we enter that information in the adi, soyadi, etc. boxes?
  12. In the U.S. you can get a police record from either at the State level or the Feds. I wonder if the embassy here can help assist with that? Or maybe they'll just tell you to scram
  13. Will owning just land be enough to get a RP on the basis of owning "immovable property"
  14. Hmm, so I guess it's pretty true. I guess we have to wait and see. But what really concerns me is the "should not" apply to certain nationalities which makes the limbo worse. I'll be wanting to stay and house hunting for the first few years I arrive in Turkey, hopefully they'll allow a residence permit for that reason.
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