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  1. Thank you But I don't want to get work permit because I have to employ 5 Turkish people. I just want extend my residence permit. What if they refused, and I have 1 month still in my residence permit, I can stay 1 month or they allow me 10 days only to leave? Then if I leave, I can come back directly with my (visa free) passport? Or I have to stay 90 days outside? Regards,
  2. Can I renew my Residence Permit if I am owner/partner of company established in Turkey? Does the GOC (immigration) accept this reason?
  3. Hi, I was in passport control, and i ask the same question to the officer once she stamp my passport. She told me: no problem, we look to Kimlik number. Regards,
  4. No, I don't have real estate. I just ask if I have, they will renew for 1 year.
  5. Hi, I have an appointment before couple of days to extend my residence permit, they said we will stop renew the residace permit for "tourism purpose" and they told me: if you come after 1.1.2020 we will never renew for this purpose. I ask if I have real state in Turkey, they said we will give for 1 year They renew for me 6 month only. I hope this information will help any body in the future. Regards
  6. Yes I have same problem I was went to Nüfüs and take my contract and they updated my address. Without appointment Regards,
  7. Hi, Any one try to do it? i mean replacement of the driving license ? Smrtaha; did you do it? I ask one driving school in Mersin; they told me UAE embassy doesn't reply to Nufus for any inquiry about validity of UAE driving license (Dubai) !! what if i attesting the Driving License from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Turkish consulate in UAE? Any one can advise please ? Regards,
  8. Hi, from my previous research; you have 4 choice to buy agricultural land (Tarla), and in all cases you have to get approval from (Forest and agricultural authority (Orman) ): 1- 10 Donum and below: it should have project like trees. 2- 70 Donum and below: it should have source of water (like well) and if its empty no problem. 3- 140 Donum and above: if its empty no problem 4- have Plastik Covered houses for special planting. You can build on 5% of the area. and to get it legally registered, you should go through process to get Electricity and normally if you didn't have near Electricity source it will be costly. The cost of drilling well around 20,000 TL for 50 meter depth depending in your state and the electricity pump start from 13000 TL You can build ready-mad house and use solar system to get electricity and normally the government will not ask you about licensing, but you will not able to register in in Tapu (title deed). I hope i was helped you on this. Regards,
  9. Thanks Ken My question: Is the Turkish police professional organization like in Europe or they don't care like 3rd world countries and the people her doesn't respect the police?
  10. Yes He try and he drive his truck to make my car accidental
  11. My friend told me to not report that to police, may be they will attacked me again
  12. I was in petrol Station, while I am washing my car, I get turkish man speak with me, I told him I am not turkish, then he start raising his voice and try to attack me for no any reason, i Withdrawn and start my car and drive it away. Also, today I get Racism message from one man when I put advertisement in Sahibinden website He threatened to attack me as he know from my ads I am foreigner What I can do in this cases? If I go to police I think no one will understand me. Shall I get positive reply if I go to police? Any advise guys?
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