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  1. "Insulating paint"? Hahah that's cute (lol) but I must agree, sounds doubtful. However, at least they are trying to do something, which is good. I'm guessing people have complained about the lack thereof or it's just gotten colder over there because of the weather changing all over the world? I'm keeping my fingers crossed in this department, hoping I'll be lucky in finding something that can hold in the heat Yeah, see I am also a fellow hibernator in the wintertime, so this is probably part of my issue too. You're right though, getting out more and keeping occupied should help.
  2. Hi Ken, Thank you so much for your thoughtful answers to my questions. I really appreciate the time and energy you've put into your responses. You've helped me tremendously with becoming more comfortable in the idea of moving there permanently and what to expect, and have quieted some of the fears I've had in my mind. And regarding your article - I wouldn't change it at all I think it's good to give folks the extremes of detail just so they know what they might be up against, so they can prepare better. I have a strong aversion to being cold as well. I can't stand it! I traveled t
  3. Hi Ken, Since you’ve lived there so long and have 20 years of experience, I was hoping you’d let me pick your brain on a few things. : ) You had asked about what my fear is? Well one thing that comes to mind is getting ripped off in a rental because I’m foreign and I don’t speak too much Turkish. Lol (although I want to learn if I’m going to live there, of course) From the months of time I spent in Turkey in the past, I learned the hard lesson that what Turks vs. Americans consider a lie is completely different, and so my biggest fear I guess is that I can’t trust anybody’s word.
  4. Hi Ken, I just pm'ed you Thanks, and thanks to Mr. Baklava as well!
  5. Hi Ken, Thanks for your insight. You are right - I do remember from my time there that Turkish people don't judge you based on things such as this. I know the $/TRY economy issue does not help things either, and many people are upset and rightfully so. I was asking because I'm not sure if it's a good timeto move to Turkey. Since it's been a while since I've been there, I'm not sure how/if things have changed in the wake of everything going on and wanted to get advice from those living there to factor into my decision making. I'm thinking of moving because I need a change in my life.
  6. Thanks for your reply, Fener. It's not just the govt website, I was reading things like this too: https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/anti-us-sentiment-turkey-reaches-new-high-poll-shows https://bipartisanpolicy.org/blog/rising-anti-americanism-in-turkey/ https://www.voanews.com/a/anti-americanism-rises-in-turkey-as-us-turkish-tensions-escalate/4541086.html So it's hard for me to tell if this is the right time or not to move over there. I know there is anti-americanism everywhere but Turkey was a country where I've always felt welcomed and I'm not sure how much that has
  7. Hi everybody, I'm new to the forums and am considering a move this fall to Turkey - specifically the Antalya, Fethiye or Alanya areas. I've spent a great amount of time in Turkey prior to 2016 as a female on my own and fell in love the country, but haven't been there since and am not sure what to expect in these days and times. Being an American, I know we are not currently seen in the greatest light (putting it lightly) and wanted to know if any of you (American expats) have felt or experienced an increase in anti-americanism, or have not felt safe and considered leaving? I am conce
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