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  1. Well they weren't back-to-back. It was a 2-year policy, so one policy number and one expiry date in 2021.
  2. Thanks for catching the image problem. I've uploaded again. In my case I bought a 2-year insurance for my RP last year but since they issued me with a 1-year RP instead of two, I was trying to use the same policy now since it is still valid for one more year (157 told me this should work).
  3. So I went to Istanbul Immigration Office and asked to renew my information, when asked what I wanted to update i replied that there are no changes, and that the only thing is that I am not able to renew my RP on the e-ikamet system. He asked me to fill the Information Update form and he write KAYIT KAPALI on top. I went to the first floor with copy of my passport and copy of my RP, and the guy update some information in the system, and told me all is fine. When I got home indeed I was able to start the renewal process on e-ikamet but I got stuck on the health insurance page (even in Turkish) which basically gave an error that the health information does not match their system. Groupama confirmed information is correct, and 157 told me to take a screenshot and go back to Immigration office. Anyone has any suggestions?
  4. In theory you are right, but in practice the Work Permit is not commonly accepted as a legal identification. I believe in your case you lived and worked in the same state so you may have not been impacted. Also not sure if you had dependents at the time, as that adds to the complication. I am not sure though why I did not receive any notification of the cancellation let alone any explanation as to why. Thanks for your feedback though.
  5. I'm really frustrated so please excuse my tone in advance. To start I want to say that I'm the guy who does everything by-the-book, and I always make sure that all the i's are dotted and all the t's are crossed. Whenever I go to any government organization I take my entire life's document history with me. This is why I have a short-term residence permit AND a work permit. I've maintained both for 4 years now, but just now 60 days BEFORE the renewal date of the Residence Permit, I log in to e-ikamet and get a message that I do not have a valid residence permit "Girmis oldugunuz bilgilerle eslesen, geçis yapabileceginiz herhangi bir ikamet izni kaydi bulunamamistir. Bilgilerinizi kontrol ederek tekrar deneyiniz.", so I go to e-devlet (Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü İkamet İzni Kişisel Bilgi Sorgulama Sonuçları) to check on my residence permit, and I get a message that there is no information "Statü bilgisi bulunamadı.". I called 157-English they said that because I have a Work Permit my Residence Permit was cancelled. I called 157-Arabic they said I have to update my records at Göç İdaresi, but even though I insisted that none of my information changed for three years, they couldn't tell me what to update. Just to list some of my issues with this one-sided approach to residence cancellation without notification: - Now I have no proof that I live in Istanbul because my work permit is from Kocaeli which is where I work. - My bank never accepted the work permit as proof of residence or identification. - Istanbul Nufus probably will no longer be my contact because I would not have an Istanbul ID - When my work permit is under renewal (takes 3-4 months) I cannot travel anymore - before i was using the residence permit during that time, and vice versa. - and the big one for me is I have no idea what to do for my son's Residence Permit that is linked to mine and expires on the same day. I've sorry for venting here but I've always received good and professional advice. Hope someone has some info and can clarify and recommend what I can do. I will be going to Göç İdaresi tomorrow even though I feel they will confiscate my card even though it is still valid for 2 more months. Samir
  6. @MahmoodNo plans currently as I dont think that I am eligible.
  7. @Mahmood Unfortunately I received my card and even though I previously had a two year residence, and for this renewal I applied for a two-year residence and bought two-year insurance, I was issued only with a one year visa. I guess this confirms that GOC is no longer issuing more than ONE year short-term residency. @Ken Grubb yes Ken indeed, that was in Istanbul @Yc551 Timings are different depending on location. You should contact the GOC call center and ask them. Their number is 157 and they operate in many languages and 24/7.
  8. Mahmoud just wanted to let you know that I received my approval SMS on exactly one month ago, and yesterday I received the PTT SMS saying that my card is on its way. So you can expect one month waiting time between approval and card dispatch. I'm just eager to know if they gave me two years like I applied or just one year. It's a shame we can't check such information online (not even through e-devlet). Good luck to all.
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